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RoRo Yone Shaking Up the Hip Hop Scene with ‘Bones’

It’s not every day that new artists get to break through the clout. So when artists like RoRo Yone make an entrance into the music scene and deliver an album like Bones, it’s always a momentous event. Despite rough starts and a lot of doubt from people around him, the hip-hop artist proves that he’s a force to be reckoned with. 

Rodolfo Goyone Jr, or better known as RoRo Yone, is an artist out of North Virginia who steadily makes his way up the top of the local, regional, and hopefully national and global scene. What put him on the map was his album entitled Bones, which came out in June of 2021 and quickly impacted various platforms. 

The musician has known struggle but has still proven to overcome hardships. Born in the Philippines, RoRo Yone didn’t have much initially. His family came from a humble background, spending most of their childhood in poverty and being raised in a broken home. “Our family was impoverished, bouncing around houses and spending some time on the streets,” RoRo recalls. “To detach from the grim reality surrounding me, I found music to be the perfect form of escapism.”

Some of the artist’s earliest inspirations were his siblings. They provided for the family by winning various singing competitions. At that point, what they brought to the household seemed like a life-saver to RoRo Yone. At that point, he decided that he would follow in their footsteps. Yone started pouring his time and dedication into developing his talents from that moment on. The artist learned the value of hard work and passion, putting all of his heart into his craft until he got better and better. However, the artist’s determination from the beginning was far from typical. Soon, he would move to the United States, and the rest is history.

RoRo Yone likes to take his own experiences and turn them into melodic masterpieces. He sings of both the ups and downs, the hills and the valleys, of his everyday life. This is best exemplified through his album Bones. The EP dives into the music artist’s struggles, conflict, and the road to acceptance. He entices listeners with solid lyricism and authentically presents values and beliefs that RoRo holds dear.

Moreover, the artist has a knack for expressing his story with a touch of entertainment value and a whole lot of inspiration. As an artist and music professional, he stays down-to-earth, building rapport and networking with anyone who shares his passion for music and entertainment. On top of his personal experiences, RoRo Yone draws inspiration from day-to-day living. “I write songs that most people can relate to,” the artist adds. “From day-to-day life to re-living party nights, to life struggles with positive messages, or even the battles everyone deals with when driving.” Despite living a life full of neglect, disappointment, and discouragement, Roro still pushes himself to work hard with the belief that he has the power to change his situation. He does not let his environment set a limit on him and remains fueled by optimism. All in all, RoRo Yone is dedicated to creating quality music that will push others to overcome no matter how challenging life can be. Learn more about the artist and his music by checking out his website and Instagram profile. His music can be found on Spotify, Soundcloud, Tidal, Apple Music, YouTube, and Amazon Music.

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