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Romero Britto Showcases His Distinct Artworks Digitally By Partnering With DCB World to Create Massive Utility

The future of modern art is upon us. NFTs have become a widely popular mode of creating unique and distinctive art pieces with secure ownership through the power of blockchain. The medium of art  itself has evolved over the years, and this recent development seems to be a promising new step as we go entirely digital. 

Famed artist Romero Britto lends his talents through his collaboration with DCB World. The meteoric rise of NFT projects prompted Britto to try his hand at creating digital art pieces for people to enjoy. The DCB World collection consists of 1,000,000 unique tokens up for grabs, each with a unique digital art piece that showcases Britto’s impeccable style and unique artistry.

Dot Com Billionaires or DCB World is poised to be the first NFT lottery collection out there. This doesn’t just mean that the project has the most tokens in its collection, but this also signifies the potential utility of the token on top of its well-crafted designs done by Britto.

The project developers of DCB World have collaborated with Chainlink Verifiable Random Function or VRF and Chainlink Keepers to deliver fully automated and transparent draw results to the biggest NFT lottery in the world.

DCB World gives holders unique NFTs that signify a unique number. This number serves as a lottery ticket, granting the specific holder access to automated, weekly prize draws that will run for years to come on the chainlink. The NFTs also hold unique value as collectible and utility items that come with features and perks that the community can unlock through roadmap activation. The DCB World NFT is poised to become widely popular among collectors, investors, NFT enthusiasts, and many more. 

Britto’s art is the centerpiece that holds the project together as each piece is so well-designed that the potential value tied to each token would seemingly be massive.

Romero Britto is a Brazil-born artist who is now based in Miami. At a young age, the famed artist always knew that his passion for art would lead him to pursue a career as a professional artist. He would often use whatever materials were at his disposal to paint on paper, cardboard, and other mediums within his grasp. He thrived in his freedom to conjure up whatever picture lingered in his head, but his development as an artist only grew stronger as he grew older.

In 1992, Romero Britto founded the Happy Art Movement. The organization aims to impart happiness, fun, love, and optimism to people from all across the globe through his art. Britto is truly a holistic artist who values his passion for art above all else. His pieces usually elicit a positive and fun-loving feeling to his viewers and it truly shows within his personality.

Most artists these days have been creating art for NFTs. Romero Britto joins this roster of artists as he navigates the digital art world and shares his love for creativity to an even bigger community. He found that DCB World’s vision complemented his own ethics, with each ticket sale helping the Inara Foundation support their cause. Ultimately, Britto envisions to utilize this newfound platform and help bring positivity to the world through art.

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