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Ready Playa Øne Set to Give People the Opportunity to Invest in New Digital Wealth Schemes

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have become the real deal in today’s world, and with the hype around cryptocurrency, many are striving not to miss the train with NFTs. These digital certificates that assign non-duplicatable licenses to collectors have become the latest things to invest in, and Ready Playa Øne offers that opportunity.

As a unique collection of artwork that features characters in a sci-fi world fighting for freedom and survival, the creators created three conceptualized categories of NFT personas that investors can buy into. They have also created an early access pass that users can use to pick their faction and start minting. 

Each pass costs 0.069 ETH, which covers the reservation on the Ready Playa 1 faction that the user chooses and the mint fees. On the day of the fictitious battle, users with early passes will be airdropped into battle, while latecomers will be left to battle as common folks for survival and a chance at a better life. 

Being a dog-eat-dog world, users who secure their Playas early stand better chances than those who come after and will likely reap all the dividends of this NFT collection. The founder, M2Thak, a well-known name in the entertainment world, also adds to the exciting value Ready Playa Øne offers to collectors. Being friends with notable names like UFC superstar Conor McGregor, boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, rappers Soulja Boy, Bow Wow, French Montana, and a host of other celebrities is enough to drive more attention to the new collection. With his credibility and that of his friends behind the Ready Playa Øne, the NFT collection can be a worthy investment for NFT enthusiasts.

NFT taking its roots from collector items, artworks, and baseball cards from back in the days contributes to the promise it holds. The unique nature of each NFT unit enforces a demand that drives up its value. And seeing how many newbies have become wealthy through these collections, many other newbies are fully awake and ready to dive into the space to take their chunk of the pie. Ready Playa Øne looks to tap into all of that while delivering on its promise of value and return on investment. With its launch date looming closer, Ready Playa Øne’s drumming up attention and signing up investors to snag up all the playas it has on offer.

Success for Ready Playa Øne translates into success for the investors, and the team behind the collection is dedicated to making sure it works out for everyone involved. As the creative ingenuity and quality that are the characteristics of Ready Playa Øne shines through, many people have caught wind of them and eagerly anticipate the early access to a potential Blockchain gold mine for digital investors.

With all 10,000 digital artworks having unique features and characteristics that make them stand out, investors have reasons to get in and leverage the strength that the collection is building on. 

Learn more about Ready Playa Øne on its official website.