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Quick news: Apple will be introducing more ads on iPhones and other devices, according to reports

Apple have plans to integrate more ads on their iPhones and other devices
Apple have plans to integrate more ads on their iPhones and other devices

Image source: Mac World

Although the advertisements have been more annoying in recent years, Apple could take a new direction by implementing advertising on its native apps.

Reports have emerged that Apple intends to integrate advertisements on exclusive apps for the brand’s App Store.

The report

Mark Gurman Van Bloomberg has published a report on power on -Newsletter stating that Apple tested the addition of advertising to the search results in Maps app.

Gurnman believes that Apple Maps will update to show more ads on the search for research interface.

He also mentions that Apple and Podcast apps can also see advertisements appear in their shop in the future.

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Gurman expects iOS to become a user interface supported by advertising in the future.

Although the market already has it, Apple plans to increase advertisements in the tab and today’s pages for individual part -part applications.

Apple TV +

According to reports from several branches, Apple could point out a cheap level supported by advertising for its Exclusive TV +exclusive streaming service.

Apple TV + currently charges $ 4.99 for its monthly subscription.

The streaming service is now generally without advertising, save for the live baseball flows on Friday because it plays advertisements.

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More news

It has long been known that Apple has been looking for new ways to expand its advertising business.

Earlier this year, Insider reported that analysis by research firm Omdia found that Apple’s advertising business grew a whopping 238% in 2021, generating nearly $4 billion in revenue from advertising alone.


iPhones are projected to start showing many more ads in the near future

More ads could be appearing on your iPhone soon

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