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Psytrance Pig to Launch the First-Ever Psytrance Music Festival Within the Metaverse

The metaverse is about to get very exciting as the non-fungible token (NFT) Psytrance Pig sets its eyes on doing the first-ever Psytrance Music Festival inside the metaverse very soon. The NFT community is also the first in the metaverse that has a strong music-oriented theme designed to create exclusive and distinct experiences for all its members long-term. With artworks that are focused on the psychedelic aspects of Psytrance music, the Psypigs are sure to capture the interest of digital art collectors, crypto enthusiasts, and music lovers. 

Apart from the Psytrance Music Festival within the metaverse, or what the community coined as the Psyverse, it will also release the first-ever Psytrance Music Video NFT. Generally, a music video in the metaverse is unheard of, but the Psytrance Pig is changing the NFT world with its emerging ideas and extraordinary techniques. If anything, its distinct offerings and out-of-this-world ideas are making the community more attractive as they arouse peoples’ interest and curiosity.

“We believe that any good artwork, aside from having an excellent primary subject, should have equally interesting secondary elements and pay attention to details,” the team behind Psytrance Pig explained. “Hence, our artworks have really ashy and psychedelic backgrounds and details to complement the Psypigs,” they added. 

The Psytrance Pig projects is offering 10,000 collectible tokens called Psypigs, which are priced at 0.080 ETH each. Each Psypig possesses a random combination of several parts, which make up the 173 traits available in the community. This simply means that each character possesses unique qualities that make them a rarity in anyone’s NFT collection. It is also for this reason that multiple potential holders cannot wait to get their hands on a Psypig. 

The Psypig characters are quite entertaining and adorable. There are characters wearing an astronaut suit, a cowboy hat, a bejeweled royal cape, a fully tattooed Psypig with a cigarette, and even a character with a robotic suit. These characters also come with a wide array of headgear and accessories that are both hilarious and artistically done. 

The Psytrance Pig roadmap is unlike anything that many NFT communities are currently offering online. When the sales reach 10%, the team will start to build the Psytrance Pig community. At 20%, some tokens will be airdropped to early adopters and fanbase. Teasers will begin to emerge as the Psytrance Music planning begins at 30% sales. At 40%, the Psytrance Pig will establish its own Psytrance music radio on Youtube and Discord. When the sales reach 80%, exclusive merchandise for members will be unlocked, including limited edition hoodies, T-shirts, and other exciting items. When all tokens are sold, production for the Psytrance music video will begin. 

The team behind the new NFT community is composed of some of the most exciting personalities in the metaverse today. Psypig leads the team as the Alpha and the origin of the electro room pigman. Also part of the team is Kadodo, Banana, Nngoc, Nothigh, and Goated, all of whom are represented by entertaining and colorful avatars possessing distinct personalities. Find out more about Psytrance Pig by visiting its colorful and engaging website. Follow its Instagram and Twitter accounts for updates on its upcoming projects. Interested holders may check out its Discord server for more information.

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