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Promising NFT Collection Degen Ape Strike Club: Creating Value for Token Holders

Currently, the two most notable trends in the crypto industry are decentralized finance or DeFi and non-fungible tokens or NFTs. As such, a brilliant project utilizes the best of both worlds to provide a one-of-a-kind collection to the community: Degen Ape Strike Club. Led by a team of innovators and visionaries, the remarkable initiative has rolled utility, entertainment, and art into one incredible collection. 

As such, to honor its commitment to practicality, numerous functionalities are embedded into each token. First off, there will be breeding and a name change functionality. In addition, an adaptive gene trait laboratory and neutral gene trait laboratory will also be launched. Not only that, but a merch store will also become available. 

On the entertainment front, holders can use their interactive characters to participate in Strike games and play sports in the metaverse and blockchain stadiums, effectively allowing them to take part in global virtual arenas. These Metaverse land stadiums will serve as a staking place to earn STRK. The venture will also be developing a play-to-earn game where holders can grow their funds and exponentially scale their success.

As for the art, Degen Ape Strike Club takes inspiration from famous NFT projects, such as Cryptopunk and Bored Ape Yacht Club. Each unique and distinct avatar features a sports-inspired ape with a pixelated style that contains a mix-and-match of seven traits.

The collection is a set of 6,500 non-fungible tokens allocated into various pools, 20 of which are classified as super rare avatars. A legendary auction for the community treasury will also take place where 15 tokens are up for grabs. As for the rest, it will be distributed for giveaways and collaborations.

Degen Ape Strike Club believes in the power of the community, which is why a substantial part of its roadmap is targeted to foster the connection and engagement with its holders. For example, an upcoming and extraordinary giveaway will soon drop where 10 NFT random users will receive 100 STRK per each, for a total of 1,000 STRK.

The venture is also keen on helping out a deserving charity by donating the dollar equivalent of 1,000 STRK, which is $50,000. Token holders can get a say in which organization gets the money since the selection will be made via a vote on its dedicated Discord server. 

Degen Ape Strike Club is shaping into one of the best NFT collections one can invest in. Aside from its unrivaled dedication to creating value, it has a tight-knit community that lifts up one another. 

As its developers have profoundly articulated, “The art of Strike Ape is a highly diverse range of human activities engaged in creating visual, auditory, or performed artifacts—artworks—that express the author’s imaginative or technical skill, and are intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.”

NFT enthusiasts, crypto specialists, and other interested parties can find out more about Degen Ape Strike Club’s upcoming collection through their website. Join them on Discord and Twitter