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Professional Athlete NFT Partnerships Help OKBOOMER Cryptocurrency Add Value for Holders

The cryptocurrency market has experienced a massive surge in popularity in recent years. Newly emerging technology is poised to change how we view finance by providing a decentralized global platform. In August 2021, the community-driven token OKBOOMER entered the crypto arena operating on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The token provides a dynamic and fresh take on the crypto space, setting the stage for bigger things to come in the industry by educating people about the various benefits and applications of the blockchain, and advocating for the further utilization of cryptocurrency across traditional finance.

OKBOOMER recently released its own Non-Fungible Token (NFT) initiative whereby it will auction digital artworks depicting the likenesses of professional athletes and celebrities that OKBOOMER has partnered with. NFT sales have continued to grow period over period, with sales volumes eclipsing $10 billion in the third quarter of 2021, yet very few of the NFTs for sale are doing anything like that which OKBOOMER has accomplished. The OKBOOMER NFTs are enhanced with personalized experiences from the professional athletes and celebrities providing a truly unique experience for buyers. The enhanced NFTs will be auctioned off on a leading NFT site and net proceeds will be put back into the token, making OKBOOMER one of the few tokens that are able to generate actual cash flow that benefits token holders.  The creators behind OKBOOMER are highly experienced business professionals, which has benefited them in adding tremendous value to the token in just two months from the time it was first launched.

Recently OKBOOMER proudly announced that they have signed agreements with several athlete celebrities, including The Discovery Channel’s Unchartered Waters Emmy-nominated host and three-time world sailfish champion, Peter Miller. The Peter Miller NFT comes with some very exciting enhancements.  Specifically, depending on the sale price of the NFT, the highest bidder will have the opportunity to go fishing with Peter Miller for eight hours in Coral Gables, Florida, with friends and family, and also will be invited to join Peter on his television show, giving the purchaser of Peter’s NFT an extremely rare, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that very few people have experienced.

Holders and investors alike can also look forward to more exciting collaborations.  In addition to Peter Miller’s enhanced NFT auction, upcoming OKBOOMER enhanced NFT auctions include:

·   former NFL player Kevin Butler, with the opportunity to meet Kevin over a video chat and to receive a never-before-seen picture of Kevin with the 1985 Super Bowl-winning Bears;

·   former NFL player Drew Butler, with the opportunity to be on Drew’s leading college football podcast, Punt and Pass;

·   former women’s professional wrestler Stephanie Finochio, also popularly known as Trinity, with the opportunity to meet Trinity over a video chat;

·   former NFL player Chandler Catanzaro, with the opportunity to meet Chandler over a video chat;

·   champion racehorse Huntsville, with the opportunity to meet Huntsville live at Cameo Hills Farm; and

·   former NFL player Bradley Sowell, with the opportunity to meet Bradley over a video chat.

OKBOOMER has plenty more in the works as well.  In addition to OKBOOMER’s impressive work in the NFT space, the token is dedicated to developing crypto education to grow the potential investor base and increase knowledge about cryptocurrency and the blockchain more generally.  To achieve that goal, OKBOOMER has partnered with Matthew Diemer, a leading cryptocurrency podcaster and Congressional Candidate, on the OKBOOMER Crypto Education Podcast with Matthew Diemer.  This podcast will provide weekly educational content and the net proceeds from any sponsorships will also be added back into the token’s value as well.  The first episode of the podcast was just released and can be found here

To buy OKBOOMER tokens, potential holders are encouraged to buy BNB BEP-20, also known as Binance Smart Chain, and to swap this cryptocurrency for OKBOOMER tokens using Pancakeswap, a leading decentralized exchange.  BNB can be purchased on Binance, among many other leading cryptocurrency exchanges, and can also be purchased directly from a wallet, such as Trust Wallet or Safepal. Detailed instructions on how to buy BNB, and ultimately OKBOOMER, can be found in video or written form at

So much potential awaits OKBOOMER at the rate that it is going today. The community looks forward to partnering with huge celebrities and sports athletes in the near future, as well as capitalizing on their crypto education initiative. In the long run, the community is also considering starting its own NFT platform that will require the use of OKBOOMER tokens to buy and sell. Additionally, investing resources to develop new technologies in the coming years is something that the community is prioritizing. These innovations will be designed to lead the NFT space, making OKBOOMER an unstoppable trendsetter.

OKBOOMER has nothing but positive expectations as it looks ahead into its future in the NFT and education industries. Considering that the token’s value is already up 45 times relative to its original market cap in a short period of time, it is clear that there is potential for massive gains for a token that we believe to be undervalued considering everything it has to offer. If anything, the team behind it has proven that they are on the right track and have a solid future ahead of them.

Learn more about OKBOOMER by visiting its website. Follow its Twitter and Facebook accounts. And sign up for the educational podcast.

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