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Preston Buhrmaster Popularizing the Use of NFTs through the “TOTALLY WASTED” Collection

To be in business means to aspire for profitability; however, for some entrepreneurs, being in business and creating a product is a unique opportunity to not only make a profit but also teach the skills and strategies that have made their success over the years a possibility. Preston Buhrmaster is on a mission to teach his students to develop into confident and consistent traders through the exclusive VCG Trading Discord server called “The Investors Institution.” In furtherance of this mission, Buhrmaster has teamed up with Michael Melvin and Oscar Tapiero as they venture into the world of non-fungible toke (NFTs).

Preston Buhrmaster is an entrepreneur and investor currently in his senior year at Syracuse University, studying finance and economics. As an entrepreneur, Buhrmaster has to credit the building of numerous companies in the finance, technology, and fashion industries. He began with selling limited-edition streetwear and sneakers, which later metamorphosed into creating software companies that sold bots to purchase items automatically. After consistently making a name and credibility for himself, Buhrmaster’s passion began to shift toward finance. His entrepreneurial journey soon led him to investing in cryptocurrency and other lucrative investment opportunities. He now is the founder and CEO of Venerated Capital Group, a private financial and investing advice company, leading the industry in investment education services.

Buhrmaster’s attention was diverted toward Ethereum after his in-depth research into the blockchain and its endless capabilities as a serial entrepreneur. The primary objective of his research into the Ethereum blockchain is to further the long-term objectives set by the team behind Gold Bug Stables, a digital horse racing stables based in the NFT game Zed Run, where Buhrmaster is currently a co-founder and sees to the day-to-day operations. Thanks to his work on Zed Run, Buhrmaster began minting NFTs with the hope of creating an awesome million-dollar idea someday. This led him to the creation of Thicc Piccle Ricc and now TOTALLY WASTED.

Buhrmaster believes he is on to something different from what anyone has seen or done before. He believes his creations stand apart from that of his competition. “This collection has a funny name behind it, a unique theme, and endless possibilities to grow. Unlike most other NFT collections, I am doing this to hopefully spread awareness for my other projects and create an NFT that others can profit off in the long term by supporting my project now.” On his immediate plans, he said, “I am planning to continue this project until I am physically out of ideas for it. That is what truly separates ‘TOTALLY WASTED’ and makes it unique.”

In five years, Buhrmaster hopes to have built a brand that can support his lifestyle and support others who have contributed to the growth of the brand in the past few years. “I hope that we can take the company’s reach to a global playing field so that I can further influence and benefit the lives of others along the way. In addition, I hope to teach everyone who crosses our path in that time something that they can take away and use to have success in the future.”

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