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Premium Cultivars Cannabis Seeds Are The Real Deal – Top-Notch Genetics Really Do Make The Difference!

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How can you ensure that your marijuana is of the highest possible quality? It all starts with selecting the correct seeds. Top-notch genetics are the foundation of high-quality cannabis seeds. Begin your grow with mature, healthy cannabis seeds from a reputed seed bank. Premium Cultivars encourage you to browse their website and see why they’re a trusted source for top-notch cannabis genetics. Continue reading to learn more about why Premium Cultivars is the go-to seed bank for the best cannabis seeds.

What makes Premium Cultivars offer the best cannabis seeds

Premium Cultivars offers cannabis seeds that everyone, from novices to specialists, may effectively produce. They have spent years evaluating hundreds of strains, countless hours selecting the greatest varietals and maintaining the strongest genetics, then reproducing them year after year. Here are the main reasons why this credible seed bank provides high-quality cannabis:

High-quality and large selection of cannabis seeds

Premium Cultivars is well-known for its high-quality marijuana seeds and excellent customer service. Their seeds are guaranteed fresh and viable, and various strains, including Animal Cookies, are available. They also provide a wide range of feminized and autoflowering seeds.

Feminized seeds

A feminized seed has been genetically modified to produce exclusively female plants. These seeds are particularly desirable for commercial farmers since they may be used to produce an all-female harvest with no male plants to contend with. As a result, cultivating feminized seeds eliminates the risk of accidental pollination from undiscovered male plants. This is why they are a popular selection among new gardeners. However, some expert gardeners prefer feminized seeds since they are simpler to cultivate and provide substantial harvests. Here are the common benefits of growing feminized cannabis seeds:

  1. Higher yields – Because all female cannabis plants generate higher yields, professional growers sometimes choose feminized seeds over ordinary seeds.
  2. Fewer pests and diseases – Since feminized cannabis seeds grow only female plants, there are no males to attract pests or transfer disease to the rest of your plants.
  3. Better quality – Female-only plants yield higher-quality buds with fewer pests and illnesses.
  4. Cost-effective – Since feminized seeds only produce female plants, producers may remove all male plants from their harvest without fear of mistakenly eliminating any female plants. This implies you may employ more plants to generate buds while wasting less of the crop’s production.
  5. Flexible harvest calendar – Since there are no male plants, you may harvest your buds anytime rather than waiting until you have male crops in the mix.

Autoflower seeds

Autoflower cannabis seeds grow plants that bloom independently of the light cycle (photoperiod) and are often ready for harvest within ten weeks after germination. As a result, autoflowering cannabis seeds are appropriate for indoor and outdoor gardeners. When the plant has enough branches to accommodate the flower buds, autoflower seeds begin to blossom. Autoflowers are popular among producers because they are quick to harvest and generate good yields.

Additionally, they are among the greatest plants for growing in tiny places due to their compact size—perfect for micro-grows or putting a plant or two on a balcony. Also, autos are ideal for outdoor gardening because of their resilience and robustness. Furthermore, their compact size makes them an excellent option for covert guerilla grows.

Affordable prices and deals

Premium Cultivars cannabis seeds are reasonably priced, but the company provides various discounts that may save you money. First-time customers are guaranteed 20% off their purchases. Furthermore, clients can utilize their coupon code to get a 20% off with free delivery on seed orders above $100 (for US buyers).

Find the right strains for you

Premium Cultivars is delighted to give information about various strains and provide shelves to explore. They pay attention to your tastes, ideas, desires, and requirements. The skilled staff at this seed bank tries to educate and help. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Please take advantage of this chance to become familiar with the various strains and appreciate everything they offer. Some of the best Premium Cultivars; cannabis strains are:

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel was produced by crossing Chemdawg and Super Skunk seeds. Sour Diesel is an intermediate-level strain to cultivate, demanding a moderate amount of knowledge and hands-on care. However, this may be a gratifying and joyful experience for growers up for the task. When cultivated indoors, Sour Diesel has a blooming time of around ten weeks and a yield of about 450-600g/m2. Outdoor gardeners should expect a larger 600-800g/plant output by mid-October. Despite the difficulties of producing this strain, the outcome is a high-quality strain well worth the effort.

Kush Mints

Kush Mints, commonly known as “Kush Mintz,” is a cannabis hybrid strain created by combining Animal Mints with Bubba Kush. Kush Mints is a resilient plant that grows well inside, outdoors, and in a greenhouse. If you choose the outdoor technique, it will thrive in warmer temperatures. Bud rot is also frequent in damp conditions, according to outdoor breeders. With a blooming cycle of 8-9 weeks, these cannabis seeds are ready to harvest quickly and can yield up to 15 ounces per square meter. The plant produces lovely pine cone-shaped buds tightly packed with fine orange hairs and encased in a thick coating of white resin.


Mimosa is a hybrid strain resulting from the Clementine and Purple Punch cross. Mimosa is a reasonably simple strain to cultivate, making it an excellent choice for novices. It’s a relatively fast-growing plant that blooms in around nine weeks. Expect to harvest outdoors around mid-late October. Mimosa is an aesthetically pleasing cannabis strain with olive green blooms and dark orange hairs. The nugs have a frosty and glittering look due to their tight packing and thick covering of trichomes.

While there’s still a lot of variety from seed to seed, even within the same cannabis strain, a lot relies on the environment in which it is produced and how well you care for your plants. Growing your own weed is a really rewarding experience. It’ll take a bit of experimentation, and you’ll have to overcome some unavoidable failures, but it will be even more satisfying when you succeed. A competent genetic seed bank will quickly guarantee its seeds’ quality. Premium Cultivars back up their seeds and shipment. Choose from their cannabis seeds for sale, and growing tips, without worrying about poor genetics.

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