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Playful Pandas Taking Every Opportunity to Give Back and Contribute to a Better World

NFTs have been widely touted as the new way for people to invest and improve their finances, and rightly so, they have proven to be able to do that much. However, they are useful in other ways depending on the structure the creators put in place for the NFTs they create. Playful Pandas is a new blockchain invention structured in a way that its appreciation in value creates a way to give back to the world.

The upcoming token has created a massive roadmap with different ways it intends to give back to its investors and charities over time as the NFT progresses in its growth. Playful Pandas NFT is a unique collection of panda characters with distinct features which make each Playful Panda unique. The NFT collection has been featured on the popular NFT YouTube channel, Bitboy Crypto with Justin. Now, it’s grabbing people’s attention while inviting investors to get their own unique Playful Panda.

The team behind this new NFT collection, known by their stage names—BigWangDan, Lozius, and Grmz—are passionate about people having a good time and living good lives. They created the panda paradise online community known as “The Sacred Temple,” which they hope will be the perfect place for artists, collectors, and people looking to make a difference in the world to hang out. 

In the roadmap released by the Playful Pandas’ creators, at 10% growth, 20 Playful Panda tokens will be given out to random owners. By the time the collection hits 20% of its sales, there will be a giveaway of mystic pandas, while 40% growth will reward people who have stuck with Playful Pandas from the beginning with 5 Ethereum. At 60%, the World Wildlife Fund will receive $25,000, and at 70%, the Sacred Temple Community will choose another charity to receive $25,000. There will be a liquidity pool for Playful Pandas at 80%, and by the 100% soldout point, a hangout spot will be hosted on Sandbox.

These are exciting times as NFTs have made it possible to enrich people and impact other people’s lives at the same time. This is what Playful Pandas NFT set out to do, and as it continues to grow, its partners and investors are benefiting from its growth. The creators hope to create a strong community of people who share common goals of championing social causes and empowering movements that improve the world.

Beyond being an NFT, Playful Pandas is showing the world that generosity and creating wealth can go hand-in-hand and with more investors coming on board, the dream has never seemed more possible. Currently, one Playful Panda contract goes for 0.04 ETH, including administrative fees. Each collector has a limit of 20 Playful Pandas, and they can hold until they are sure to make handsome returns on their investment. With time, Playful Pandas NFT hopes to be a part of the elite club of NFTs and become a powerful force in the crypto world.

Learn more about the Playful Pandas NFT and understand its roadmap on its website, Instagram account, and Twitter account.

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