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Petite Model Alison Bowles Shatters Industry Standards and Stuns Global Audiences

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In an industry where many would suggest for one to look a certain way, Alison Bowles fearlessly emerged as one of the most successful petite models in the global modeling landscape. The journey wasn’t easy. But Alison knew where her passion was and wanted to be an inspiration for other aspiring models to take the path, regardless of whether they satisfy the standards or not.

Despite her height of five feet and three inches in an industry where most clients would prefer models that stand at five feet and eight inches, Alison Bowles succeeded and has changed the way the modeling world sees talents. Because of her story, talent managers and fashion brands now realize that talent can come from anywhere, so long as they are passionate about the craft. 

Alison Bowles has signed with various modeling agencies such as MMG New York, one of the biggest models and talent management companies in the United States and abroad. “I am breaking boundaries in my industry. I am a petite model going for big goals,” Alison said. Her hard work also brought her to becoming a Maxim model.

Alison Bowles has traveled to a new location every week. She is living the dream of aspiring models worldwide as she checks one runway and project after another. In total, Alison has explored 25 countries as a model and travel blogger. To document her adventures and share her story, Alison created the digital platform called Wander in Heels, a site filled with travel tips, unique experiences, and itinerary ideas written from her perspective. Wander in Heels allows audiences to see the world through Alison’s eyes. 

Furthermore, the success of Wander in Heels paved the way for many opportunities to flow into the model’s life. Alison Bowles has collaborated with tourism boards and hotels internationally, sharing their story with her global audience. Alison has represented brands and amplified must-see places in distinct corners of the world. She takes her readers on an adventure through Wander in Heels.

Besides her website, Alison Bowles has also substantially grown her Instagram account into one of the most successful social media handles showcasing modeling and traveling. She was first attracted to the idea of being an influencer as people were getting into the platform to try their luck. The model realized that if others could do it, so could she. Today, Alison has over 138,000 followers on the platform. Also, to help people and photography enthusiasts achieve the same quality photos she has posted, Alison has shared her photo editing preset made so everyone can produce stunning pictures with a single click.

Additionally, Alison has founded a non-profit organization focusing on skin cancer awareness and helping people with the disease. At 22, Alison had to go through life with skin cancer. It wasn’t all smooth sailing. Nonetheless, Alison conquered it and decided to build the organization after having skin surgery. Today, she is impacting thousands of lives and is building a lasting legacy. Asked what kept her going, the model said that putting God in her heart made her manifest the strength she didn’t know was in her.

On top of her successful career as a petite model and influencer, Alison Bowles is also an entrepreneur. She is partnered with the online boutique Lacy Coe and Slay Miami, America’s first CBD sports recovery center. Alison is currently the fiancée of the MLB player Adeiny Hechavarria of the Atlanta Braves. 

Learn more about Alison Bowles on her website and Instagram.

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