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Papa Black Davinci Aims to Bring the Hip Hop Spotlight on Seattle

Every artist has a reason for entering the music industry. Some do it for money, and some for fame. But for Papa Black Davinci, his mission has always been clear: to amplify the talents and the passion from his city, Seattle.

Papa Black Davinci lived a life of challenges. His roller-coaster upbringing sometimes brought him to rock bottom, but he emerged as a stronger artist. As Papa Black shared, his goal in his journey has always been to overcome the struggle. The challenges he had to face were never enough to bring him or his music down. 

Today, Papa Black Davinci is known for being a game-changing agent, artist, and coordinator who brought some of the world’s most prominent artists into the stages of Seattle, including the icon Cardi B. He always felt like his community never got the opportunities in the music industry as it deserved. Taking matters into his own hands, Papa Black had made history when he granted his city the privilege of witnessing the talent of the late Great Nipsey Hussle and YG to Seattle, experiences remembered by everyone in the audience to this day.

Since then, Papa Black Davinci has worked with various hip-hop artists across the country, such as Jim Jones, Freekey Zekey, Kevin Gates, Lil Baby, the late Great Jacka from the Mob Figaz, and GUCE from Bully wit Fullys. As an entrepreneur and CEO of his promotion company, Papa Black has played a vital role in making events successful and allowing fans to see their admired artists up close.

Additionally, Papa Black Davinci has captivated music lovers internationally as a hip-hop artist himself. His songs carry narratives worth amplifying globally. Among his greatest hits is called Caution—a tribute to the Black Lives Matter Movement, focusing on the importance of the black community to the country. Not only does Papa black capture listeners with his voice and wordplay, but his stories also gained him the respect of many in the industry. The artist uses music as a medium for social change, and he has succeeded through Caution and other tracks. 

On top of that, Papa Black Davinci also manages his brand BOSLife Apparel, known by many deep-rooted personalities in the hip-hop industry. Asked how he balances life as a thriving entrepreneur, an artist, and a single father, Papa Black shared that life is never easy for him. Juggling his time to play three roles simultaneously has brought out a kind of strength that he never expected. Still, he remains excellent in looking after his child while also creating opportunities for up and coming artists in the industry. 

“I’ve been blessed to overcome most aspects of the struggle,” said Papa Black Davinci. He believes that success and patience should go hand in hand. As the artist expressed, it can take ten years for one to see the fruits of his labor. To echo his words, “When you keep pressing for a goal, it can come true.” With his optimistic and winning attitude, there’s no doubt that Papa Black will surely succeed in bringing Seattle into the global spotlight and dominate the global music landscape.

Learn more about Papa Black Davinci on Twitter and listen to his tracks on Spotify.

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