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Otaku Origins to Enter Solana Network, a Treat for All Otakus Worldwide

Anime is celebrated by manga readers and viewers worldwide. Otaku Origins is a project made for Otakus or anime lovers. The NFT collection aims to bridge the gap between the physical world and the metaverse for Otakus who want to claim their place in the biggest digital frontier. 

Otaku Origins is a collection of 5,000 unique anime-inspired NFTs. Each token draws inspiration from some of the most iconic anime characters and series ever known, paying homage to a well-loved industry celebrated by many fans worldwide. The NFTs will be developed and stored on the Solana blockchain. The collection features 6 main characters.

“We are not looking to imitate what already exists but improve on the best concepts within the NFT ecosystem,” explained the founders. “Innovation is our number one goal, and we have pushed ourselves to embed functional as well as creative uniqueness into Otaku Origins. Not only will each Otaku have individual traits and yield different weapons, but they will also have unique stances and poses. This will elevate the artwork as well as the value of our NFTs.”

The creators also emphasized how the rarity of each individual trait significantly affects the value of each NFT. Thus, they strive to introduce new significant variations between each token. This will result in the creation of a new rarity metric that remains unexplored among generative NFT projects, making Otaku Origins a revolutionary collection in its entirety. On top of its game-changing utility, the founders also ensured that each token would be aesthetically pleasing, going beyond the standard pixel artworks and giving investors a taste of authentic anime illustrations in well-designed backgrounds, all wrapped in high-quality production.

“Otaku Origins is first and foremost a community-oriented project,” explained the founders. “Moving forward, we want to become the first indie manga publishing DAO, which will focus on finding and sponsoring indie authors and artists to help jump-start their own creative goals and stories,” they added. On their mission to create the first independent publishing within the NFT space, the founders are already looking for talented storytellers and artists who want to showcase their talent in the digital landscape.

In addition, holders will be able to vote on the story elements of Otaku Origins’ upcoming comic book, including its fight outcomes, plot points, character details, and the overall decision-making of the venture. The comic book engages holders in a unique story revolving around the otakus and their fight to escape the Otakuverse. The first chapter of the comic is already in production as of writing. 

On top of the comic book, Otaku Origins will also launch its own P2E game, partnering with a Canadian game development company to produce a beta game. The game features full 3D fighting mechanics and an immersive story. It will also give holders an additional source of income in the metaverse. 

Furthermore, all holders will have a say in how the project will turn out in the future. The founders encourage all Otakus in their community to participate in the project’s decision-making process for the various goals and milestones laid out on their roadmap. This provides investors the freedom to voice their opinion and contribute ideas openly, taking an active role in the future of the metaverse itself. “Our target audience is a community of Otakus that wants to be directly involved in influencing the story of our comic book series, funding emerging indie artists, and benefit from our P2E gaming mechanics,” shared the creators. 

Otaku Origins will be available for minting on the Solana network from February 2 to 8. The founders are currently drawing a whitelist for its highly-coveted pre-sale, where selected individuals will be able to get the NFTs at reduced prices and receive additional airdrops for future collections.

Stay updated by joining Otaku Origins’ Discord server and learn more about the project on its website.

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