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Operation BigMeta NFT, Pushing the Boundaries of the Industry Through the Art of Storytelling

The crypto industry is brimming with fun-loving individuals with a penchant for trolling. In fact, some of the most popular enterprises within the space are based on memes. Operation BigMeta, an impressive NFT venture, has decided to celebrate this unique trait and incorporate it into its collection.

The notable project follows the journey of Agent 00 Degen, who is the crypto industry’s last hope against a Shadow Organization composed of influential leaders and celebrities, the big shots. They meet once every six years, six months, and six hours and for their most recent assembly, the group has decided to target and destabilize the meme-loving crypto communities.

To do this, the big shots plan to leverage their celeb statuses, company networks and political influence to hype up the release of a new crypto token called DAObolical. Unfortunately, when purchased, these tokens would remove the sense of humor of every holder forever, thus ridding the community of its humor and fun-loving nature. 

The fate of the community is left at the hands of Agent 00 Degen and their trusted sidekick as they infiltrate the BigShots HeadQuarters on Mt Doxx, take them down one by one, and ensure the crypto community stays funny.

Through its exquisitely creative lore, Operation BigMeta brings storytelling to the forefront of the crypto scene. Its visionary creators talked about the inspiration behind the collection and shared, “We at BigMeta believe storytelling may be a lost art but is not a lost cause. Instead, exploring imaginations and creating fiction with NFTs can be a powerful and emotional tool that enhances communities and brings creators and audiences closer together, forming bonds that make collections truly unique and valued.”

They went on to add, “Storytelling has always been a way to connect, entertain and present audiences with limitless possibilities. But, unfortunately, this beautiful art form has been neglected in the digital space of NFTs.”

On top of its mission, Operation BigMeta aims to build a strong community of like-minded individuals, the dreamers and creators who love working together to build stories, develop jokes, push boundaries and most importantly, bring a smile to the people around them.

But of course, the collection is not simply focusing on its storytelling, and the venture also plans to provide its token holders with fantastic incentives and remarkable utility. In addition, its vision is to have multiple stories for its NFT characters, which can evolve into comics and perhaps even games. The community will be consulted and asked for their input to help shape the story and provide content for these new developments.

With the collection rapidly rising to the top of the NFT scene, its developers remain committed to providing its community with unrivaled value. As they positively shared, “Our NFTs aren’t just art. They allow you to be a part of a creative community that looks to push the boundaries when it comes to storytelling. Each character has their characteristics and associated humor depending on which thought bubble and companion they end up with. In addition, each NFT will have a descriptive story linked to it to enhance its uniqueness and add to the storytelling narrative.”

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