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OfficialKingAdams: The New Jersey Party King Ventures Into The Music Industry With Sauce It Up Studios

Straight out of Old Bridge, New Jersey, one man rises as the most sought-after entertainers and event promoters. He goes by the name of Emeka Adams, but he is more famously known as OfficialKingAdams where he brings the latest and greatest parties to New Jersey. His influence knows no bounds, whenever he walks into a room, the energy and hype is sure to turn up all the way to a hundred. Now he is bringing that influence to his new venture, Sauce It Up Studios.

OfficialKingAdams has been known for bringing massive events and parties within his immediate community. While earning his degree in psychology from Rutgers University, he managed to throw the biggest house parties the University and its students have ever seen. The slew of parties that he hosted and promoted, eventually gave him the clout and influence that he enjoys today.

It was only a matter of time when the name OfficialKingAdams would ring loud within the New Jersey  area. With his influence and popularity, he was able to bring his positive energy and his events and parties to various communities and nearby campuses such as Rowan University and Kean University. Soon, crowds of people would be screaming his name and hyping him up, living their best lives, and living in the moment.

In 2018, OfficialKingAdams was hired by Craven Entertainment as an event promoter after seeing his potential. He would promote events that would be regularly packed, and crowds would often keep coming back to his parties. Eventually, he would be able to work his way up into the concert scene and begin working as one of Craven Entertainment’s top showcase managers. Through his new role, he was able to put up successful rap and hip-hop concerts all over the East Coast region and beyond.

With the constant grind and the constant pursuit for his passion, OfficialKingAdams is now looking to take over the music industry with his newfound experiences and the foundations that have built his career throughout the years. He plans on establishing his own record label called Sauce It Up Studios, which aims to give talented artists from Monmouth County some exposure in the music industry.

OfficialKingAdams has always put every bit of effort into all of his projects. With Sauce It Up Studios, he seeks to build upon his legacy of positivity by utilizing his amazing foresight when it comes to musical trends and hits. He wants to scale up his business into a full-fledged record label that assists their artists with the utmost care. He wants his record label to be able to handle everything from pre-production, concept, recording, marketing, and distribution.

He has built a strong network of talented artists over the years, and he hopes to help them gain massive exposure through Sauce It Up Studios. The record label is set to launch in 2021, and OfficialKingAdams hopes to bring the same energy that he has brought to the New Jersey party scene into the global music industry.

OfficialKingAdams is set to break new ground within the music scene, and it’s exciting to see how he shapes the music industry with his talents and efforts. The New Jersey party scene has taken a massive win with him on their side, and soon he will be navigating the music scene with as much energy and excitement.

Find out more about Emeka Adams by visiting his official website. To get more live updates on his latest events and promotions, make sure to follow him on Instagram.

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