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Not Essential Introduces Community Driven CycloTurtle NFT Project

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs took the world by storm earlier in 2021 with their surge of popularity. Since then, several emerging projects have taken various forms—digital art, music videos clips, virtual assets, to name a few. With the introduction of these new technologies, it was only natural for people’s creativity to take a different turn and be effectively put to use, resulting in different types of metaverse functionalities, one of the most impressive being the CycloTurtle project from Not Essential. 

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are virtual assets that cannot be changed, replaced, or transferred once bought. They were initially created for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges like Ethereum blockchain platform but have expanded their applications to other uses such as digital art and music creation within a completely decentralized platform where users retain full ownership rights.

CycloTurtle is an NFT project where users can explore up close virtual worlds without ever having to leave their home desktop computer screen behind them at any given moment— literally riding right along on seamless platform movement while watching anything.

Not Essential is a project developing in the Metaverse, which holders can soon explore. Like other crypto-based projects in this space, they have created their metaverses with NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and engineered these entities so they can travel across different virtual worlds at any time of day or night. 

The Cycloverse is a virtual platform that allows holders to meet other NFT and Cryptocurrency investors, creatives, or celebrities. In addition, the Cycloverse welcomes four of Not Essential’s projects, which represent their belief in creating new avenues for change by welcoming different ideas with unique core values. “Our Cycloworlds are unlike anything you’ve ever seen,” promised the developers.

Not Essential’s most prized asset is the CycloTurtles, comprising a collection of NFTs, each with a unique background.  The CycloTurtle is a one-of-a-kind collectible with more than 111 unique attributes and traits, including 54 Tesla Coils Shell accessories. If holders manage to mint them, they have chances at winning one of three Tesla Model 3s. There are also 54 money stack shell accessories, which if minted gives holders the chance to win $50k. Additionally, 24 Shell Accessory attributes are hidden easter eggs and give holders a glimpse into the next phase of the Cyclo Verse.

The rarest NFTs in the collection is Exotic CycloTurtles which grants exclusive access to a higher tier of the island. Holders who mint these turtles can get their chance to rub shoulders with celebrities and musicians while enjoying VIP admission at Not Essential’s music festival within Metaverse. They will also be given many advantages and incentives and considered VIT (Very Important Turtle) community members.

With the unique attributes that Not Essential’s Cyclo Turtles carries, the developers are sure to capture the attention of NFT enthusiasts, crypto holders, art collectors, collectors, and charity organizations.

Learn more about Not Essential and Cyclo Turtles by visiting their official website, or stay updated by following them on Twitter or joining discussions on their Discord channel.

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