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Non Fungible Solutions Offers Investors a Better NFT Experience

Just when non-fungible token (NFT) enthusiasts, digital art collectors, and investors thought that they have seen and experienced all there is in the metaverse, a new community emerges and offers something more current, inventive, and extraordinary, such as the one that Non Fungible Solutions bring to the table. The collection of 2,500 tokens is offering potential holders a better NFT experience as it launches this coming February 25, 2022, to the public, with the pre-sale taking place the day before. 

Non Fungible Solutions have developed the most powerful Chrome extension that offers a wide array of features, most of which have never been seen before. Among its several exciting features is the NFT Sniper, which allows holders to filter by price, traits, and rarity in order to catch the rarest projects for the best price. The Contract Minter is designed to give holders a competitive edge on drop days. Meanwhile, the Rarity Ranking feature allows users to check the rarity without having to go offsite. The Instant Cop, on the other hand, enables users to skip lengthy and unnecessary steps so they can buy products instantly. 

Another key feature is Portfolio Tracking. It gives the users the best and cheapest prices for projects with the rarest traits. The Drop Detector monitors NFT sites and instantly notifies its users once new drops occur. Gas Presets is another available feature that prevents future gas issues by allowing the users to set custom gas presets. The Monitors feature gives users notifications from several monitors, including social media accounts, mint alerts, and whale buys, among others. 

The Exclusive Access feature will enable users to access the rarest projects within the metaverse in the future. In some instances, it will be a hard-to-get whitelist spot. In other cases, it will be a free experience in an exclusive high-amenity club. 

Aside from these features, the collection also has a Members-Only Discord that will grant access to the NFT Alpha group with professional NFT traders, new drop alerts, and like-minded individuals who share their insights on the market with one another. Non Fungible Solutions also offers 24/7 Support to all its members as a special feature. Members get access to helpful resources, from videos to tutorials. 

“We are the most powerful NFT chrome extension that allows members to get access to cool features and tools to help them along their NFT journey,” the founders explained. 

Each Non Fungible Solutions token can be bought for 0.39 ETH. The first quarter roadmap will reveal the contract minter add-ons, more OpenSea add-ons, built-in release calendar, an NFT analysis application, Discord alpha and trading support, and the users’ most requested features, to mention a few. The second quarter, on the other hand, will release the companion iPhone app and multi-blockchain support. The third and final phases will add more details, which will be shared with lifetime members.

Non Fungible Solutions is poised to provide its members with a worthwhile and extraordinary experience that will change their perception of how far the NFT world can bring them. Its features are designed to elevate and add value to the overall NFT experience of its members, something that only a few communities are able to do. 

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