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NFT Project High Horse House Looks to Make a Statement to Traditionalists Within the NFT Space

Although Non-Fungible Tokens had been around for some time, 2021 saw early projects reach massive success, pushing NFTs to become one of the most talked-about topics. Since then, hundreds, if not thousands, of projects have emerged, hoping to emulate the same success that established NFT projects achieved. Joining the NFT space is the psychedelic 3D rendered project, High Horse House.

Although there are plenty of mediums for NFT projects to utilize (digital art, music, video clips, social media posts), most opted to bring artists on board to create collections of digital art pieces, with the majority using animals for their brands. While High Horse House followed the animal theme, they wanted to stand out in the congested industry. Rather than create the typical 2D illustrations seen in many projects, the High Horse House team decided to create realistic 3D rendered illustrations.

While High Horse House was developed to be a hilarious NFT project, it also holds serious benefits for community members. With a collection of 10,000 amazing, uniquely designed digital horse artworks, the project strives to make a statement to gatekeeping traditionalists, telling them, “Get off your high horse, we’re actually High Horses.”

The project promises unparalleled rewards to holders, welcoming them into an elite society that knows how to shake loose and enjoy a good time together. High Horse House is looking to make waves in the metaverse and reality with elite parties, engaging games, DAO voting, and jaw-dropping prizes. 

The NFTs are set to launch for minting publicly on February 12, 8 pm, and people are welcome to join through instructions on High Horse House’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. Although the invite is for all, the holders are also wary of potential problems. They have spent an immense amount of time working with their cyber security experts to ensure the website won’t fall victim to any attacks or scams.

Once the project launches, the High Horse House team plans to hold a post-mint party with giveaways. The community will vote where they will hold the party, which will be streamed in the metaverse for High Horses worldwide to enjoy. In the giveaway, five winners will have the chance to win a large framed print of their horse or luxury cigar boxes filled with Cuban Cohibas. In addition, three will get the chance to win custom HHH 24k gold coins, and one lucky winner will get Mutant Ape Yacht Club #8393.

While the giveaways are reason enough for any prospective holders, the High Horse House is also looking to utilize their horses’ backstory. In the High Horse House universe, no one is sure how they came to be.

Some believe that events transpired when the horses broke free, while others believe the horses encountered some stoners and got their first hit. Still, the insanity started when Dr. Von Derpus, a mad scientist, trapped the horses in his laboratory, putting them through deranged experiments. But eventually, the horses broke free.

Since then, the horses have found solace in the pleasures of the wider world and getting high whenever they can. With their newfound freedom, some horses pretended to be the rides on carousels, a couple delved into sporting events, and a few decided to glue cones to their foreheads to strut through the deepest woodlands, hoping to frighten campers.

The High Horse House is meant to represent freedom, pride in being different, and not allowing others who want to wish the worst to hold them back. With their story, the project developers are hoping to reach out and build a strong community within the NFT space.

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