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NFT Community The Cheetah Gang Is Poised to Dominate the Ethereum Blockchain

The upcoming digital community known as The Cheetah Gang is one of the most anticipated non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the market today as it will launch this coming October 20, 2021, with 10,000 tokens available for ownership. Priced at 0.077 ETH plus gas fees without any hidden charges, it is creating quite a stir within the metaverse, creating an atmosphere of excitement among NFT enthusiasts. Not only are the tokens priced fairly but holders also get full commercial rights to them. 

All of its future holders who will become part of the community can look forward to its eight milestones, which will culminate with the revelation of future plans. Milestone 1 will involve the official website launching, and giveaways will be up for grabs. Milestone 2 will involve the pre-sale launch of the full NFT collection. Milestone 3 will be all about utilizing funds for marketing campaigns to achieve maximum exposure, such as working closely with social media influencers to reach their target market. 

Milestone 4 will be an exciting phase as all holders will get exclusive free NFT bonuses. By Milestone 5, The Cheetah Gang will make strategic collaborations with other NFT projects in order to increase its exposure. In Milestone 6, 10% of the funds will be donated to animal welfare. Free NFT giveaways and more collaborations with other communities will be given to holders in Milestone 7.

Another notable feature of The Cheetah Gang is its support for the welfare of animals, specifically cheetahs, that are known for their fierceness, speed, and natural elegance. Unfortunately, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species has identified cheetahs as a vulnerable species. It has been recorded that cheetahs all over the globe have been decreasing in number, a reality that many scientists believe demands more attention now than ever. In regions of Asia and North Africa, cheetahs are, in fact, considered critically endangered. Through its support, The Cheetah Gang hopes to make a lasting difference and save this beautiful species. 

The team behind the creation of the group has successfully developed artworks that are worth collecting. With its creative artist, Maestro, taking the lead, the community worked with various artists to come up with its exquisite designs with the help of the latest digital art technology available today. The avatars have 150 traits in total alongside several other notable features, including 8 earrings, 18 backgrounds, 46 clothes, 15 bodies, 33 eyes or eyewear, 24 hats or hair, 25 mouths, 4 masks, and 5noses.

It is also worth mentioning that all tokens are available for the public. Of the 10,000 tokens available, 50 are reserved as giveaways during contests. All of the tokens are also going to be fairly distributed without discrimination. They cannot be monopolized to give other potential holders an opportunity to own their own NFTs. The team believes in the importance of transparency, and it is one attribute that the founders intend to uphold to preserve the value of the community. 

Apart from Maestro, The Cheetah Gang is also composed of NFT enthusiast Alfredo, marketing wizard Phantom, and coding freak Techie Beast. All four believe that the community will be the next big thing in the metaverse, and they are committed to providing each holder with a meaningful experience. Learn more about The Cheetah Gang by checking out its website.

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