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NFT Community CryptoJoints to Invade the Metaverse Soon

Emerging non-fungible token (NFT) CryptoJoints is making an explosive launch by the end of December to usher in a higher appreciation of the many medical benefits of Cannabis. With 5,000 tokens available for minting in the Polygon network, future holders will get an opportunity to own distinct designs that will combine various traits generated by artificial intelligence. More than its avatars becoming part of the personal collection of several digital art collectors, CryptoJoints has a more noble objective in creating the community – to support ongoing research and diversification of the administration of Cannabis as a natural alternative to address specific body issues such as pain management, sleeplessness, and lack of appetite, among others. 

The community’s intention is to contribute to making the lives of people better through alternative ways other than the ones that many patients are accustomed to. This same compassion for people will also be evident in how they will meet the expectations of community members in the coming months. The team behind the community has decided to give away 130 ETH to 130 lucky random members. This is on top of the 6 CryptoJoints that will be given away prior to the pre-sale period and the five tokens to be given during the course of the pre-sale process. 

During the pre-sale period, each CryptoJoints token will be sold at 0.08 ETH. When the public sale begins, each token can be bought at 0.1 ETH. One of the standout offerings of the NFT community is its lifetime royalty program to all of its future holders. It will be using 80% of its profits generated by secondary sales as prizes for all loyal holders. All of its giveaway and rewards is the community’s way of ensuring its long-term viability. 

To guide all of its holders effectively by knowing what to anticipate, CryptoJoints established a strong roadmap to make sure that it follows the correct path. During the pre-sale, 10% of the total tokens available will be made available for minting. In this phase, the community will invest 20 ETH in marketing initiatives worldwide to create a massive digital footprint. Prizes will also be given out to five lucky members in this stage. When token sales reach 25%, the community will invest 60 ETH in the creation of its research center, where groundbreaking achievements will be accomplished over time. 

When token sales reach 50%, CryptoJoints will invest in adding skins in the different layers of the metaverse. This will allow members to dress and look like CryptoJoints characters within the metaverse. Additionally, 25 lucky members will be randomly chosen to receive 1 ETH each in this stage. At 75% of sales, 100 ETH will be added to the research center as an investment, ensuring that it will achieve its main purpose in due time. In this phase, the community will release 30 prizes of 1 ETH and 5 CryptoJoints among fortunate members. Finally, when all the tokens are sold, the community will raffle off 50 ETH to 50 random members. It will also invest another 30 ETH in the research center. 

The creators of CryptoJoints have it all figured out as early as now, and future holders can be confident that their investments will remain in good hands as they continue to leverage the current popularity of legal Cannabis products in the market. 

Learn more about CryptoJoints by visiting its website. Follow its Instagram and Twitter  account to see some of its unique characters. Check out the community on OpenSea for the latest updates on its projects. 

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