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NFT Collection CryptoBear Watch Club Sold Out During Public Sale

The crypto industry, more specifically its NFT space, has become the most popular investment option for many people. But at the same time, these assets often come with a hefty price tag. As a result, investors are looking for projects with beautiful art and excellent value, like the CryptoBear Watch Club.

The collection had 10,000 exclusive non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, but during launch, the developers decided to cut the supply. To ensure that each artwork is one-of-a-kind, it features more than 450 unique traits, including characters, watches, colors, functions, etc. Because of this, each piece is guaranteed to have a distinct identity, which in turn adds value to the project. 

On top of that, these hand-drawn and programmatically generated avatars are designed by world-class artist Stuart Holroyd, an International Commercial Illustrator working in the film and television industry. He was involved in several projects with gifted directors and studios that work for Warner Brothers, Netflix, Animal Planet, and History Channel. His intricate illustrative artwork is associated with A-list stars like Dave Bautista, Kevin James, and Elijah Wood.

Aside from its exquisite art, the CryptoBear Watch Club has captivating lore that takes place in the land of Arkouda, where friction is brewing. A tyrannous race of apes refuses to step down and hand over power to the next rulers. As such, the bears intend to overthrow the notorious apes.

This unforgettable story perfectly ties together its impeccable artwork with equally exceptional utilities. The project’s roadmap has outlined various exciting perks and benefits that await token holders. Perhaps the collection’s most awaited inclusion is its native Arkouda token. Proudly explaining what holders could expect from the token, the developers shared, “Unlike other projects, our token dedicated to collecting luxury NFTs will be launched at the mint! The token can be used to purchase new collections, real watches, and other luxury goods from the club. This token will also be our currency in the P2E game we are developing.”

Ultimately, the CryptoBear Watch Club has accomplished its goal of providing its community with a collection that provides outstanding value and utility. As a testament to its legitimacy, the project was audited by Zokyo, which said that the team can be trusted and has substantial control in the ecosystem. On top of that, Blaze has given it a stellar audit rating of 9.8 out of 10.

Because of these, the CryptoBear Watch Club has amassed a significant following on its social media accounts of over 35,000 on Instagram and almost 20,000 on Twitter. The collection sold out on February 22, during its public sale. It sold out 3,010 NFTs, and the whitelist sale the day before sold out 2,500 NFTs. During the public sale, the developers decided to cut the supply to make the NFT more exclusive to the holders, since it’s a luxury NFT.

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