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Netflix Suspends Future Projects in Russia

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One of the largest streaming platforms globally, Netflix, has revealed that it has halted every future project and investment from Russia. According to the streaming behemoth, it was evaluating the effect of the most recent attack in Ukraine. 

Netflix will suspend the making of the Russian language series Zato. Other tech leading companies such as cloud computing company Oracle have also declared their intention of halting operations in Russia. 

The two tech companies are the most recent US-based technology companies to take measures against Russia as the assault on Ukraine continues to aggregate. Apple has also announced Tuesday that it was suspending sales in Russia. 

The Twitter announcement from Oracle appeared three hours following the call for support from Ukraine’s Minister of Digital Transformation through a tweet. In an interview, Alexander Bornyakov, Deputy Minister, said that Ukraine had asked assistance from 50 different companies in an attempt to pressure Russia. 

“More sanctions imposed, faster peace restored,” said Boryakov on social media. Oracle replied by tweeting: “On behalf of Oracle’s 150,000 employees around the world and in support of both the elected government of Ukraine and for the people of Ukraine.” 

Recently, international brands such as Shell, Nike, H&M, and Boeing have separated or temporarily halted sales in Russia. Moscow has countered the action by foreign firms detaching themselves from Russia by temporarily confining Russian assets sales by foreigners. 

President Vladimir Putin convened with the president of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs on Wednesday to talk about the actions to lessen the repercussions of sanctions placed against Russia thus far. 

Netflix would not disclose the number of streamers residing in Russia. But it confirmed earlier this week that it would not bear Russian state channels. 

“Given the current situation, we have no plans to add these channels to our service,” said a Netflix spokesperson in a statement. 

“Audiovisual services” in the country with over 100,000 users will be obliged to bear 20 leading state television channels, under a law that has just been imposed on March 1.

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