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Mutant Mingos Revolutionizing the NFT Space by Fractionalizing Digital Land for Token Holders

Over time, the NFT industry has become increasingly saturated; new ventures are emerging almost every day, adding to the highly fierce competition. However, one upcoming NFT project stands out not only for its brilliant designs but also for its remarkable mission of creating a tight-knit community – Mutant Mingos.

The collection features 10,000 vibrantly colored and fun mutated flamingos. It takes inspiration from other well-known Mutant projects in the NFT space like the Mutant Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Cats. But Mutant Mingos could be associated more with Mutant Apes due to its wild, intriguing attributes that will astonish any collector. 

Despite having some similarities with other more known collections, the venture is in a league of its own because of its astonishing mission of being one of the first NFT projects to purchase and fractionalize digital land in the metaverse to be distributed among token holders. 

What makes it even better is that every Mutant Mingo NFT will give access to the exclusive Mutant Mingo DAO and act as voting rights over the fractionalized assets. Therefore, token holders can participate in crucial decision-making, such as choosing what pieces of digital real estate will be purchased.

When asked what made them pursue this impressive goal, the collection’s creators insightfully replied,” Mutant Mingos is enabling collectors to own fractions of prime digital land and real estate by simply owning a Mutant Mingo NFT. So where someone may not be able to afford a full plot of land, for the low mint price of 0.07 ETH, buyers can begin accumulating metaverse assets.”

Because of its incredible strategy and dedication towards its token holders, many crypto enthusiasts have become curious about the project and want to become part of the Mutant Mingos community. Most especially NFT collectors who are interested in the metaverse and are keen on owning digital real estate.

Aside from its innovation, the venture also prioritizes long-term success for the collection and its holders. Its well-thought-out development and sales roadmap is a testament to this. As the initiative progresses and more tokens get minted, the DAO, fractionalization, and creation of the metaverse will slowly come to fruition. In addition to that, a merch drop will soon become available for token holders. 

There will also be a whitelist for the top 250 individuals who keep the engagement of the community going. The developers talked about who can make it to the cut and shared,” We will be whitelisting 250 wallets for the presale. In order to qualify, you must follow MutantMingos on Twitter, join the MutantMingo Discord server, Invite 5+ friends, and be active in chat. The top 250 most active individuals will be whitelisted on the 13th of December.”

The lucky individuals who are part of the whitelist will have a special pre-sale event one hour before the public release of the entire collection, which will happen on December 13 at 5 PM EST.

To learn more about Mutant Mingos, check out its official website, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also participate in the community’s discussions on its dedicated Discord server and find out the latest updates via its Telegram group.

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