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Multi-Millionaire JetSetFly Shares Five Lessons on Protecting Oneself and Business From Betrayal

Trust is important in any relationship, be it personal or professional. But, unfortunately, It’s a foundation that, once broken, can take years to repair. The feeling of being betrayed of trust can linger for many years with its victim, and the circumstances that come along with it could either make or break a person. Betrayal is a misfortune founder, expert internet marketer, and multi-millionaire Josh King Madrid, also known as JetSetFly, knows too well. But after having been kicked by betrayal by some of his trusted people, he fearlessly picked up the pieces and worked to pull himself up from what could be the darkest phase of his life.

JetSetFly is recognized for its massive contributions to the internet marketing industry and the NFT space. As an expert online marketer, he has helped build seven-figure businesses from the ground up, sold over $20 million worth of products and services for his clients, hosted hundreds of business events, and served nearly 14,000 customers. Even as a college dropout, JetSetFly gained his first million dollars at age 19.

JetSetFly is also the founder of, the world’s leading news source of NFT alpha on the web. The platform gives audiences access to the latest news, market updates, and stories revolving around NFTs, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology. The founder also includes podcasts and invites his community to some of the most coveted events in the NFT space.

On the one hand, JetSetFly’s life may sound like a smooth-sailing tail. But at one point, he lost everything he worked hard for after being betrayed. “It’s an unfortunate truth of business and life: being betrayed. It was one of the toughest experiences in my life. I lost my house, one of my cars, my friends, and nearly $1 million dollars and wasted tons of money on a frivolous lawsuit after being betrayed by one of my business partners. One of the guys I trusted the most – someone I least expected to ever take advantage of me. Being broken, physically, emotionally, and financially, I started to reflect on my life purpose and the weakness I needed to work on as an entrepreneur,” the visionary said.

After working tirelessly to recover what he had lost, JetSetFly eventually recovered, not just financially but emotionally. Today, he shares five lessons he learned that he would like to share with other entrepreneurs, both those who are experienced in their field and those who are only starting out on their journey.

First: “Regardless of how well you know someone, treat any business agreement with due diligence. Motives can be hidden, even if they’re your best friends.”

Second: “Listen to what your gut tells you, aka pay attention to red flags. If someone tells you who they are, you better believe them. If someone lacks ethics and values in one area of their life, it’s more likely than not that they lack them in every other area as well.”

Third: “Don’t broadcast that you’ve been betrayed. Don’t tell anyone. Keep it private. Don’t go on social media and expose them. Hold your poker face. This is your battle to overcome, not everyone else’s. Shout, cry, or scream in private, but don’t do it in public.”

Fourth: “Just because you lose a battle doesn’t mean you lost the war. Life is long, and this is only temporary. The best is always yet to come, so pick up the pieces and keep moving forward. The reality is the betrayal happened for a reason. So you could learn some hard lessons and move forward only now, this time stronger, smarter, and more resilient.”

Fifth: “Find people to work with who not only have skill sets you can benefit from but that are committed to the same principles in life and work that you are.”

Being betrayed is tough, but one can always bounce back from its depths, and JetSetFly is the proof.