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Modernist Designs NFT Experience with the Highest Regard for Art, Music, Community, and Purpose

Many budding projects have dominated the NFT space, but one project, in particular, takes over with great dedication to promoting art and fostering a community of like-minded individuals. 

The Modernist Collection is an NFT project of 9,724 pieces of artwork based on 442 hand-illustrated Modernists, designed with the highest regard for art, music, community, purpose, and partnership. What makes it stand out from other NFT projects is its out-of-this-world fresh concepts that would present long-term utilities for holders and club members. 

Modernist NFT is art with an access pass and a way to connect in real life. Its features include Interchangeable Pop Art and Sound Blocks. It also allows holders to split, collect, and combine different pieces of Modernists to create new dynamic art experiences. 

They have a gamified roadmap with reward banks that would allow people to earn special rewards and discover treats by interacting with the roadmap. These experiences are all exclusive to novel holders and club members. Potential holders and enthusiasts can get the whole Modernist experience by joining IRL events and connecting with others. 

Kelly Max, co-creator of the Modernist Collection, initiated an elite team of creatives, artists, executors, and engineers to ensure that the concept had the potential for longevity and would have a premium art quality from day one. He serves as the team’s co-creator, visionary, and Art and Creative Director, working alongside Tyler Clinton, the co-creator, project manager and the creative coordinator of the elite team behind the Modernist NFT. 

The Modernist Playbook is one of the many features that every potential holder must look forward to. In their initial level, Mint and Collect, the four quadrants of art and sound are randomly selected to create an iconic NFT pop art experience. 

In phase two, Split and Collect, holders can split their single NFT into four-tile NFTs while keeping the original artwork. This approach turns the original NFT into four tile NFTs that can be traded and swapped with others. The goal is collaborating with other collectors during the user’s hunt for the perfectly matching Modernist. 

In phase three, titch for rewards and club pass, once a perfectly matching Modernist is collected, it can be stitch-minted to unlock rewards from the Reward Bank. In addition, every stitched Modernist will give one access to Club Mode, the highest tier of benefits, rewards, and access.

On top of the exciting playbook of Modernist NFT, this project offers unique benefits to its holders. Especially the IRL event calendar for the community is full of exciting opportunities to connect and interact with like-minded people. 

Lastly, Modernist integrates partners like no other collection in the market. Ranging from top consumer brands, NFT peer collections, DJs and Producers, and Charities, all partners who make the collection are integrated with their own version of a Modernist. Partners design a custom and brand-specific reward, which then waits in the reward bank, next to the collections origin rewards, ready to get unlocked from the smartest collectors. 

To know more about the Modernist NFT, you can visit their website

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