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Mintonians on Bringing Utility and MMORPG-Based Characters to the NFT Space

Given the saturated nature of the current NFT space, any individual or company hoping to enter the scene should do so while fully aware that it’s not enough to bring to the table a collection of tokenized artwork. As countless projects have already flooded the digital asset industry with projects in the months following the rise of non-fungible tokens earlier this year, competition has grown extremely fierce and standing out is a feat that not every creator can achieve. However, such is not the case with the Mintonians, the brainchild of a team of visionaries who painstakingly hand-draw the attributes of an impressive set of figures inspired by an MMORPG.

A promising venture that has the potential to attract not only NFT collectors but also crypto traders and gamers, the Mintonians is just one of the numerous NFT lines that will come out on Mintyswap, an avenue for minting non-fungibles and swapping tokens. Widely considered as an emerging power player, this marketplace aims to provide consumers access to cryptocurrency-based financial services and allow them to exchange or ‘swap’ various digital assets.

“We facilitate cross-chain Dex between ETH and BNB and cross-chain swaps to conduct exchange settlements beyond the limitations of a typical isolated Blockchain network,” explained the go-getters spearheading the platform.

The anticipation surrounding the upcoming public sale of the Mintonians this December cannot be credited solely to the buzz around Mintyswap and its other NFT lines. More than anything else, the quality and utility it offers have piqued the interest of both the uninitiated and the well-versed in digital assets.

Up for grabs to all, 10,000 tokens can be purchased using Mintys at Mintyswap or ETH at Uniswap. This brand new collection has up its sleeve a Diamond Series, as well, for those looking for something more exclusive. Ten out of the 10,000 NFTs will serve as the hottest tickets on the market and will come hand in hand with a boatload more benefits.

“For each month that you hold one of the Diamond Series, we will pay you $500. It then increases by $100 each month until we cap it at $10,000 a month! If you hold it till month 6, we will give you a Minty Diamond Necklace!” said the team at the helm of the project.

Needless to say, the promise of one lucky minter winning an ultra-rare Minty Monroe and $1,000,000 is also amping up the excitement for the Mintonians.

The wait is nearly over for NFT lovers keeping their eye out on the Mintonians. On December 3, the hand-drawn heroes of the Mintyverse are bound to hog the spotlight. This launch will then be followed by merchandise drop, including digital banners that holders can use on their social media accounts. Additionally, they can look forward to the release of the Legends of Mintonia, a game that will marry what people love about MMORPG and the perks that come along with owning an NFT.

Learn more about the Mintonians by visiting its website and checking out its Instagram and Twitter page.