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Mewn Inu: Introducing the Unlimited Mewniverse

There is a general misconception regarding crypto projects and NFTs collection. However, the reason many regard these projects as a complete virtual experience is understandable; after all, most of the players and developers within this space have limited their operations to the digital sphere. However, Mewn Inu is taking a completely different approach with the end goal of disrupting the industry and changing the world for the better. 

Mewn is the last surviving member of the decimated Family of Mewn. Thus, Mewn realized that rebuilding his family and kingdom is a responsibility he cannot shy away from; but to achieve this, he must also undertake the process of making the world a better place. For Mewn, introducing ideas such as love, kindness, and creativity is a major change the world needs from its previous ways. To achieve this, therefore, Mewn has devised a series of plans and strategies to help him accomplish his community development goal. 

Regarded as the “mascot of kindness,” Mewn is a 3D stylized NFTs containing 1,111 auto-generated stunning artworks that represent the variants of Mewn. Set to be made available on AstroZero, the first ETH marketplace, without gas fees, the tokens from the first collection are essential as they serve as a VIP pass to the exclusive Mewniverse. In addition, holders can take advantage of all its subsequent products and services.

In addition to Mewn Inu’s core objectives in the crypto space, the Mewn project also features a community-based product creation that includes the development of a play-to-earn video game. MEWNGUYS is a multiplayer game where players compete in highly skilled races and survival game modes where the winner takes all. Another exciting component of the Mewn project is a betting and gaming platform known as DEGENMEWN International. A betting platform for risk takers can participate in various games managed by a smart matchmaking system. 

In addition to Mewn’s commitment to a completely digitized metaverse, Mewn also features the creation of an animated film for all ages, a diner or restaurant that gives every patron an out-of-this-world experience, and lastly, a chain of hotels to help get homeless people off the street and shelter them. 

Without a doubt, the Mewn project is an exciting endeavor that not only has created a virtual reality for holders to make money and earn a living; it is also a reiteration of the Mewn brand’s commitment to giving back to society.

“So our NFTs stand up from competitors in different ways, first, in a point of view strictly artistic, we differentiate ourselves with a collection based on our mascot Mewn, with different attributes, but as well, different positions, and moods in a quality unheard of most may be able to compare it with Pixar films graphics but more than that, our nft collection brings a lot of advantages on all our products and services of our project/token.”

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