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MetaVolution Presents NFT Art That Seamlessly Combines Reality and Fantasy

NFT art is commonly associated with the picture of 2D, pixel art, but many creators have recently surfaced with their 3D realistic masterpieces. MetaVolution aims to give holders a new kind of art, merging reality with fantasy. Boasting a collection of 8,778 stunning characters, MetaVolution proudly enters the Ethereum blockchain.

MetaVolution is set to claim the recognition as one of the best NFT collections in terms of art. The creators and digital artists behind the project utilized high-quality 3D art with unique details and executed the perfect balance between realistic and cartoon elements. Each character is original in its own way, as the creators have put a lot of thought into the art. In addition, they also wanted MetaVolution to be as inclusive as possible, hence having a 50/50 mix between male and female characters in the collection.

Furthermore, MetaVolution will release 11 one-of-one, 100% unique, rare characters that are quickly rising to be some of the most coveted items in the digitals space today. Eager investors are already making their way to MetaVolution’s Discord server, Twitter, and Instagram to learn the latest updates. 

“Our art is simply unique. The balance of the semi-realistic and cartoon elements on that quality level is unparalleled. Our art also fits our unique lore perfectly, a world where survivors of a terrible pandemic had no choice but to use a portal to a second dimension, another metaverse, to have a chance of survival. Before they could go through the portal, they had to subdue their body to cybernetic transformations and mutations that transformed them into unique, extraordinary beings. Since the story happens in the future, there are also sci-fi elements that are being added to the art itself,” shared the creators.

On top of its unparalleled artwork, MetaVolution will also be launching an on-chain play-to-earn game to be built on the Ethereum network. Gaming projects in the metaverse usually rely strictly on the economic value or the so-called tokenomics of the game. MetaVolution uses a new approach by combining its digital art, game lore, and progression through multiple acts and quests. This gives holders not only the chance to earn an income on the digital space but also be challenged to overcome the quests and have fun as they go through the game. MetaVolution aims to revolutionize play-to-earn gaming by making their game as fun as digital games should be.

Holders of the MetaVolution NFTs will be able to enter the game where their characters will be called the Immortals. Players will also get the chance to stake their characters to earn the game’s official currency, Metropy or $TROPY, which will be used to buy multiple game perks and upgrades, such as Obelisks and Lands in the metaverse, as well as be the first to bid on future drops. Holders will be able to stake immediately after the release of MetaVolution, and their $TROPY can be withdrawn anytime.

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