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MetaFi Creates a Unique Gateway to VR and AR Open Trading World

In the past decades, the world has been making significant advances, moving society towards a new age. First, the world was ushered into a digital era thanks to Web2 platforms, which sparked a revolution in culture and everyday life. However, the ever-evolving nature of technology meant that there was more to come. Among the most prominent innovations in the past decade are crypto assets.

Cryptocurrency became a significant innovation that defined the past decade, marking a new chapter in history. The success of crypto assets allowed more developments to come to light. In 2021, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) took the world by storm. Later that year, the introduction of the metaverse excited crypto and NFT enthusiasts. NFT project developers started working towards a solution that could bring NFTs into the metaverse. Among those working towards this integration is MetaFi.

MetaFi is a metaverse bank designed for social trading on Web3. It is a gateway to a VR/AR open trading world—the Ultimate Metaverse Bank. MetaFi empowers a new community earning layer for the metaverse, hosting the existing income opportunities, and unlocking new earning paths from metaverse assets.

The metaverse bank maximizes passive income from holders’ metaverse assets, including tokens, NFTs, and land. The banks are different within each MetaFi World City—some are only open to local citizens, while others are reserved for high-profile clients holding $MetaFi. However, each metaverse bank provides a different set of services specializing in digital real estate, staking or LP programs, NFT delegation, lending, and other services. 

The bank provides holders with a personal vault, a digital chamber they will have to connect their wallets with to display their current holdings. The metaverse bank also provides different ways of income. It autogenerates all the available paths to deploy the holder’s assets based on risk tolerance. Holders can delegate their NFTs to other players or guilds for farming and receive up to 30% of generated income.

Holders also have the option to give or take loans. Lenders can lock stablecoins or metaverse coins in the vault and collect daily yields. People who take out loans can use NFTs as collateral to get funds into their wallets within seconds. In addition, holders can outsource to find the next best deal to a Metaverse land or property broker. “You get a deal based on your requirements, and the broker is rewarded with a success fee,” said the MetaFi team.

The MetaFi world hosts an advanced and futuristic version of the earth. Built on Web3, the developers take holders to an alternate reality based on the multiverse theory. The major cities are divided into zones where users can trade, display their NFTs, and communicate with text, images, or voice. In addition, every city has a metaverse bank, where metaverse assets are made profitable. The bank enables traders to choose among different earning opportunities for tokens, NFTs, and land, all of which are optimized for the risk-reward appetite of the trader.

The MetaFi team has had no budget shortage in developing unrivaled levels of stunning art, videos, and an immersive viewing experience. “Imagine if you combined the gaming aspect of RuneScape with the community of WallStreetBets,” offered the MetaFi team.

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