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Meta Skellies Is an Upcoming High-Value NFT Project

The advent of NFTs came as no surprise to technologically savvy individuals. In fact, the industry has already been flourishing even before it became a mainstream success early last year. The massive success of NFTs has become a widely talked about topic on the internet. It’s this wildly unique community of individuals that has propelled countless NFT projects to the moon, and Meta Skellies is here to bring more people over to the metaverse.

Meta Skellies is one of the rising NFT projects within the metaverse. The collection consists of 10,000 procedurally generated digital art pieces that are ripe for minting. Unlike most NFT projects in the market, the highly anticipated Meta Skellies focus on their own aesthetic rather than relying on the popular animal-themed tokens today.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the Meta Skellies are ERC-721 standard tokens that provide its prospective holders with a wide selection of benefits. Meta Skellies gives investors multiple rewards within the blockchain as well as real-world utilities. The community-driven project prides itself on being focused on the community aspect of NFTs, rewarding holders by distributing rewards among the community.

The Meta Skellies developers have also promised many other incentives down the road, such as airdrops, giveaways, and exclusive access to upcoming projects. “This isn’t your average collection. We are Meta Skellies,” shared the creators. “Each one of our NFTs is 100% unique and varies in rarity, thanks to our custom algorithm.”

Discerning NFT enthusiasts will find great value in owning a Meta Skellies token in their collection. The project developers boast numerous creative ways for utilizing their NFTs as well as countless rewards for its loyal community. In line with this advocacy, holders of the Meta Skellies will periodically earn Skell Tokens, which are generated from DeFi staking and come with varying traits that will allow investors to earn passive income.

Holders use the tokens in the Skellies Ecosystem, giving them access to participate in the Skellies Festival, a one-week event that will start after the initial drop. Furthermore, they will be invited to the Private Skellies Holders Club on Discord, granting them access to channels and real-life events. Holders can also get updates through Twitter and Instagram.

Furthermore, holders will also gain the upper hand by being the first to receive information about the future developments of the project. Each Meta Skellies token consists of a variety of unique traits and attributes that are all completely hand-drawn. Thanks to the project’s custom algorithm, each trait is carefully generated to create distinct digital art pieces which are entirely unique from one another. The drawn traits gained inspiration from various cultures and places across the globe, with the design process being carefully monitored by experts to ensure high-quality results.

Meta Skellies is gearing up for a launch this May 2022, with the mint price to be announced at an earlier date. Once the collection is entirely sold out, the developers and the community will celebrate with the week-long Skellies Festival. While the project is yet to launch, the Meta Skellies creators have been grinding their bones to exceed the expectations of their future holders. 

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