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Meta Labs Agency Obtains Highly Coveted Logan Paul 99 Originals NFT

A renowned leader in NFT project development, Meta Labs Agency has just recently acquired Logan Paul’s NFT #40 called “404 Error.” The NFT is part of Paul’s 99 Originals collection which features polaroids auctioned off for the lucky buyers. In addition, each NFT has a respective real-life perk attached to it, and NFT #40 grants the holder a lucky chance to be part of the Impaulsive podcast, Logan Paul’s popular podcast platform.

Naturally, numerous NFT enthusiasts flocked to the auction, with the total bid clocking in at over 25 ETH or $44,000 since the announcement. The auction eventually landed in the hands of Travis Bott and his company Meta Labs Agency, selling for a whopping 165 ETH or $300,000 and setting a record high for the esteemed NFT collection.

For the uninitiated, Meta Labs Agency is a renowned NFT development firm that creates world-class blockchain solutions, dApps, and NFT collectibles. One of the company’s premier collections is the Meta Bounty Hunters, a collection of 8,888 two-dimensional digital art pieces loosely inspired by the popular Star Wars franchise.

Meta Labs Agency has cultivated a pristine reputation in the metaverse through its high-quality projects and highly collaborative development process. “We want MetaLabs to be a hub for NFT lovers that seek support as we traverse new grounds together,” shared Travis. “We believe in supporting each other and the importance of high utility and high-value propositions for the community in all of the NFT projects we are associated with.”

The esteemed NFT agency has set itself apart in the oversaturated NFT market by consistently delivering “cream of the crop” projects that provide a massive potential valuation to its prospective holders. The company firmly believes in the future of the NFT industry, and they are making great strides towards ushering in the new frontier through their valuable efforts.

Meta Bounty Hunters was a wildly successful project that will soon welcome its second season. The collection features cartoon avatars embodying “strong and fearless” galactic bounty hunters that exist to protect civilizations, form alliances, and conquer the galaxy. The project follows these characters’ storylines while creating a whole new community of NFT enthusiasts who help each other grow.

Ultimately, Meta Labs Agency is on a mission to build communities that will develop both the metaverse and individual collectors by bringing value to both sides. To do this, the company follows a simple roadmap to acquire high-potential NFT collections and turn them into top-tier blockchain products. 

This mission is further cemented by Travis Scott’s adamant pursuit of Logan Paul’s latest NFT “404 Error.” The 99 Originals collection comprises 99 polaroid images personally taken by Paul. NFT #40, entitled “404 Error,” is said to be a photo taken on one of Logan Paul’s trips to Puerto Rico. It’s one of an exclusive collection of mints that aims to build a closely-knit group of DAO members who will support art ventures and web 3.0 projects. 

“My ultimate goal is to do mastermind retreats with members, fund independent movies and upcoming artists, strategically invest in special projects, donate to various philanthropic organizations, throw insane events, and honestly anything else our members want to do,” shares Logan Paul on the 99 Originals’ official website. “I think this is the perfect intersection of tech, art, culture, and community. This project will be my biggest endeavor to date, and I can’t wait to foster a group of people who will make an everlasting impact in a revolutionary space.”

By successfully purchasing NFT #40, Meta Labs Agency has shown its full support towards Logan Paul’s goal of improving the metaverse and fostering a community of like-minded individuals. Furthermore, this upcoming networking opportunity could spur various projects and initiatives that will push metaverse, NFT, and blockchain applications in the creative world.

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