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Meta Knights NFT Brings Honor to the Market With a Mix of Medieval Fantasy and Retro Gaming Elements

The recent NFT boom has paved the way for developers to build their passion projects and put them into the market to build communities of individuals who share the same interests. Although they have been around for more than a decade, NFTs have only boomed this year, and with this meteoric rise in popularity comes various innovative projects coming out of the woodwork. Meta Knights NFT is one such project, becoming one of the most highly anticipated projects to hit the market as it is an ode to medieval fantasy and retro gaming.

Throughout the years, there has been a massive resurgence in the interest in retro games. Many modern indie game developers have been hard at work to replicate the style and feel of these retro games to great success. Meta Knights NFT hopes to ultimately replicate this success within the NFT market, and the team has been pulling out all the stops to make that happen.

“It’s an 8-bit Game of Thrones with six different factions, all fighting for dominance in the Meta Kingdom we’ve made,” said the Meta Knights team. Meta Knights NFT pays tribute to the classic retro game genre with 8-bit graphics and a distinctly retro feel. The project is a utility token generation for holders that can be used within the Meta Knights Ecosystem. It features a collection of 9,999-pixel art knights that gives its holders a sense of nostalgia. 

The Meta Kingdom is composed of six major factions, and each Meta Knight is a member of their respective faction. Each faction has an army of Meta Knights who are tasked with combating their respective Overlords to gain control of the Meta Kingdom. It is up to the holder’s hero to protect the realm and defeat their Overlord. While holders have an exciting task at hand, they will also be rewarded with special perks and giveaways, most of which will be announced on the project’s Discord server.

Meta Knights is a project that prides itself in being honorable and transparent with the community, sticking to the knight’s code in service of the theme of the entire NFT project. The project is bound to captivate many people from different walks of life, such as crypto enthusiasts, NFT collectors, and even retro gamers who have no experience with blockchain technologies. “I’d imagine any fantasy fans would also gravitate towards the project since we’re heavily inspired by “Dungeons and Dragons” and Medieval Fantasy,” shared the Meta Knights team. 

The lore and world are integral parts of the project, and the community can help build it and craft their own stories through their pledges of loyalty. As of the moment, the lineup of tokens all feature knights, but the team is hard at work to expand the roster and integrate a Utility Token for all the characters within the Meta Kingdom ecosystem and a subset of virtual property NFTs called Meta Manors. 

The team hopes to expand the scope and the lore of the project with the help of its loyal community. Together, they can build a world within the Meta Kingdom ecosystem and relive their retro experiences through a video game. With enough support, the team promises to deliver on the game development side of things, fostering an even bigger community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for retro gaming and fantasy.

Learn more about Meta Knights NFT by visiting the official website. Follow the project on Instagram and Twitter, or join the Discord channel for more live updates.

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