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Loyal Energy Named One of the Top Companies to Work for in 2024 Amidst Economic Challenges

Loyal Energy
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As is known, Covid has had a lasting effect on the economy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2021, 8.4 million jobs were lost, and the unemployment rate was the highest it has been since the Great Depression. However, certain companies have actually seen growth within their sectors. These companies thrive as they continue to improve the employee experience by putting the customer and the employee first. In fact, many studies show that employees now rank employee experience and company culture over pay.

Many companies have tried to create an inclusive company culture, but one company has proven to do it the right way. Loyal Energy has been named one of the top places to work in 2023, due to its disruptive company culture with radical transparency and an impressive compensation plan.

While many companies have sought to dominate the home experience market, Loyal has set itself apart by providing families with the means to save more than with their competitors. Its in-house financing division, Loyal Finance, allows families to finance home improvements for the most important place on earth – their home.

A Company Built Off Values

While many companies have tried to lead the home improvement sector, Loyal has differentiated itself through its commitment to fostering a transparent workplace culture grounded in integrity, diligence, and becoming the best version of oneself. After all, they are in the people business.

“The job is simple, they meet with families and review a home energy audit to show them where they can save money within their home. Once they show the homeowner the report, they help provide the best products and financing for them. They find fulfillment through saving people money, upgrading their home, and helping families save so they can make more memories with the most important people in their life, their family. What better job is there?” says CEO Tanner Halford.

Loyal holds itself to a higher standard by adhering to elevated standards and its unique pay structure. Rather than relying on industry norms, the company’s compensation is determined solely by individual effort and performance, allowing most employees to make more than the national average. This approach empowers employees to maximize their earning potential and removes any artificial caps on their earnings. As a result, the company’s top performers earned over $1.4 million last year, while the average employee took home over $10k per month.

It’s More Than Money

At Loyal Energy, it’s so much more than just money and sales. Through their sales program, they support their employees in preparing for the future by teaching personal development, building mental fortitude, and creating financial freedom. They teach them how to manage their money, make smart investments, and unleash their full potential. They believe that their employees are destined for greatness, and they strive to show them that they are more than a 9-5,” says Conner Halford, Loyal Energy’s President of Sales.

“At Loyal, fun is a priority for them. “Work hard, play hard” isn’t just a phrase to them; it’s a way of life that has been integral to shaping their company culture and driving their success over the years. They enjoy creating memories and connecting with their employees. They have some of the best sales professionals in the industry because they put them first and help show them that there is more to life than just work, sleep, repeat. They have already released amazing incentives, including company cruises and trips, monthly bonuses, and company gear,” adds Jordan Evans, Loyal Energy’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Final Words

The company has created an atmosphere and culture that has increased employee satisfaction and helped them attract some of the top talent within the industry. As they put the employees first by looking out for their well-being and prosperity, it’s provided an environment where employees can thrive and be the best versions of themselves. This is one of the main reasons why Loyal is named one of the top places to work in 2023.”

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