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Logan Simmons and Mike Visnick: The Unstoppable Forces Behind South Florida’s Top Agency of 2022, TRNDY Social 

Celebrity marketing agency TRNDY Social is currently one of the leading companies in the industry, catering to the marketing needs of music artists, athletes from the NFL, NBA, NHL, UFC, MLB, OVO, Atlantic, and Sony Music, Warner Music Group, and Universal Music Group. Included in its A-list clients are big brands such as Fashion Nova, MedTerra, Monster Energy, Ignite, DHL, Pure Content, Celsius Live Fit, Derma.E, and CBD Fx. Being able to generate this impressive clientele was only made possible through the unmatched efforts of the company’s founders, Logan Simmons and Mike Visnick, who have an awe-inspiring vision to bring TRNDY Social to the next level.

The unstoppable duo combined their wealth of experiences to develop a celebrity marketing agency unlike anything in the market today. More than just doing what many consumers expect celebrities to do on social media, Logan and Mike take their clients a notch higher by using their unique marketing approach to get them ahead of the game. 

“Before a consumer purchases, they need to trust. Celebrities they trust are the gateway to building equality and credibility in the eyes of the consumer.,” Mike said. 

Logan and Mike have a distinct vision for the successes of each of their clients. For the most part, they offer celebrity endorsements to influencer marketing to select brands, social media growth, press and news articles, paid advertising, growth hacking, Web3, and NFTs, to mention a few. Depending on their clients’ needs, they can also develop unique marketing plans that suit their personality and vision. Logan and Mike are best known for going above and beyond to ensure their clients’ success. TRNDY is also fast becoming a household name in the music and entertainment industries because of the impressive turnout they achieved and helping the celebs, influencers and athletes grow their social media presence as well. They have partnerships with many other known sports agencies as well. 

“Celebrity marketing means significantly more than sponsoring videos or glamorous Instagram posts. The right celebrity marketing strategy enables companies to reach their target groups in a direct way and retain them sustainably,” Logan explained. 

Interestingly, TRNDY Social has accumulated an impressive list of achievements in its portfolio. Apart from offering world-class celebrity representation, the company also managed to generate a network of over five billion social impressions, 127 million followers reach, developed 528 social media influencers, and achieved 63 record label signees. Additionally, they have 12 Super Bowl rings, seven charting artists, three NFL Hall of Famers, and one World Series champion in their slate, proof that the best of the best in the industry trust TRNDY to meet their marketing needs. TRNDY has also been awarded recently for being South Florida’s Top Agency of 2022 and Orange County’s Premier Celebrity Agency. 

Logan and Mike have diverse backgrounds. Logan has been into data collection and technology-driven marketing, mainly in the music and entertainment businesses, with his own marketing agency, Volume Digital. Logan recently sold his agency for over six figures and now focuses solely on TRNDY clients. He has provided services for top record labels such as Warner Music Group and Sony Music. In addition, he has worked with respected names in the industry, including Famous Dex, Lil Baby, Lil Durk, and $UICIDEBOY$. 

Meanwhile, Mike was a thriving entrepreneur and media executive before the creation of TRNDY. He was the Vice President for Corporate Development at and KHBrandResponse.TV with an original shark from ABC’s Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington. He has succeeded in developing a vacation rental company in South Florida and built and sold a CBD company known as Peac Labs. The company was acquired by OMID Holdings, a public traded company and the brand has since been remanded and rebranded to Peac Wellness.Determined to become industry leaders, Logan and Mike are poised to become trendsetters in the celebrity marketing business through TRNDY and providing their clients on both sides with the most fitting and viral partnerships.

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