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Lions Not Sheep NFT: The Evolution from a Successful Brand into a Digital Innovation Entity

Being a part of the advanced digital world is every brand’s dream, and successful brands are structuring themselves to make that transition as fluidly as possible. Lions Not Sheep is one of those brands making that move, and with its Lions Not Sheep NFT, it is set to create a new meaning of freedom for as many people as possible.

Lions Not Sheep NFT is the manifestation of years of building and planning a premium community of people seeking freedom in all its possible forms. Founded by Sean Whalen and Greg W Anderson, the project is an extension of Sean Whalen’s Lions Not Sheep brand and the coming of age of his premium business network group, Lions Den. 

Sean’s success with the Lions Not Sheep t-shirt brand earned him many followers who wanted to learn first-hand from him and his approach to business. This followership helped him to build a successful premium networking and personal growth group for men and women, launch a best-selling book that has sold over 800,000 copies and amassed over a billion video views on the internet over the last few years. To leverage that teeming followership, he’s set to launch the Lions Not Sheep NFT collection alongside Greg, who serves as co-founder and the architect of the project.

At the core of Lions Not Sheep NFT, freedom is the primary mantra, and one of the core utilities of the project is holding The Freeman’s World Fair in mid-2023. The event is expected to be a huge event as it will feature many things that give attendees a feeling of freedom. It will be both an in-person and metaverse-livestreamed event that will hold for two days. “Simply put, imagine a combination of a  music festival, a gun show, a boat, a car, and a motorcycle show, with the best companies, amazing speakers, and Freedom all wrapped up into a 2-day event. That’s what the Fair is all about,” Sean explained. Only holders of the Lions Not Sheep NFT will get access to this event for the next three years.

Even though Lions Not Sheep NFT is Sean and Greg’s ticket to be a part of the future and playing roles in shaping it for the next generation, they also intend to help as many people as possible experience freedom. The NFT project has a wide range of perks and benefits for its holders, which include a play-to-earn video game,  personal 1-on-1 with CEO Sean Whalen, virtual meetings with founders of LNS, reflections and rewards, and a Do Good Initiative that donates 1% of the mint revenue to military veteran programs chosen by holders.Lions Not Sheep NFT’s minting for whitelist holders will start on June 6, 2022, while the public mint will begin on June 13, 2022. “The Lions Not Sheep train has left the station with a ton of momentum, and we are inviting you to hop aboard to enjoy the ride with us,” co-founder Greg Anderson said.

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