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Lions Not Sheep Makes a Bold Statement by Revealing Its FJB NFT Collection

In a world where freedom has become suppressed by censorship, political correctness and liberal agenda, Lions Not Sheep stands at the frontlines defending America’s sovereignty through unwavering patriotism. LNS is no stranger to the NFT industry. Following the recent release of their own NFT project, early this year of the same name, founders Sean Whalen and Greg W Anderson are taking things to the next level with the announcement of FJB NFT.

Lions Not Sheep has already been selling FJB swag in the form of merchandise, but this is FJB’s first-ever transition to Web3 and blockchain technology, giving the project an exclusive collectible aspect. In addition, the direct messaging of the FJB NFT brand espouses what the statement truly implies, and the founders are wholly unapologetic to those that might be offended. 

The recent NFT reveal stands consistently with Lions Not Sheep’s brand identity, one that is for the American people and does not take any compromises. The FJB NFT aims to embody the LNS brand to the fullest, standing its ground in a world where the suppression of political ideas runs rampant.

The unprecedented announcement by the LNS brand has been one of the biggest reveals that have shaken the NFT industry at its core. The all-important message the founders are trying to convey runs deeply within the limited FJB NFT collection. It is a supplementary addition to the already thriving Lions Not Sheep NFT, elevating the concept and amplifying the statement that its founders are trying to convey.

The FJB NFT collection comes in the form of a limited release. NFT enthusiasts who share the same principles are already waiting in feverish anticipation to get their hands on the highly exclusive tokens. Sean and Greg have been hard at work to push this brand new collection on the global front, helping like-minded individuals connect on a much larger scale. In lieu of this, they are taking the currently existing Lions Not Sheep NFT avatars to move to Web3 and sync internationally. This unprecedented move aims to foster a worldwide community that values freedom, integrity, and American patriotism.

The Lions Not Sheep NFT is an Ethereum-based artwork project that allows holders to buy, sell, and trade Lions Not Sheep non-fungible tokens. All NFTs are designed by prominent comic book illustrator and writer Mike S. Miller, known for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and other renowned projects. In total, there are 17,760 digital collectibles spread across 14 categories with over 324 character qualities of variable rarity.

The Lions Not Sheep NFT began its whitelist minting last June 6, 2022, while the public minting began on June 13, 2022. Lions Not Sheep represents a digital NFT community where members share an invite-only community-first philosophy and are united in their pursuit of freedom, personal responsibility, community wellbeing, and charitable projects.

Lions Not Sheep was initially established as a grassroots brand in 2014 as a shirt business founded by Sean Whalen. Today, the brand has taken its values and principles to the digital realm by introducing its pioneer NFT project of the same name. The FJB NFT is a welcome addition to the brand’s brave and bold reputation, solidifying its place as an All-American brand that fights for what is right in the face of government pushback.

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