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Lifted Elephant Group Brings High Value to the NFT Market in More Ways Than One

In recent years, the world has seen a massive boom in NFTs. This boom has managed to bring the emerging technology onto the mainstream. It has also paved the way for countless projects to arise, giving people several ways to connect with like-minded individuals and foster niche communities for a particular interest. Furthermore, these NFTs are gateways for several rewards in the form of potential assets, exclusive real-life perks, and many more. The Lifted Elephant Group is yet another NFT project that is paving the way for a brighter and higher future for the emerging technology.

For the uninitiated, the Lifted Elephant Group NFT is a collection of 14,200 unique tokens hosted on the Polygon blockchain. The project fully embodies the positive tenets of modern-day NFTs. The community-driven and utility-focused project is centered around a unique cannabis theme. The project has already garnered massive attention and is set to ignite a new wave of enthusiasts on minting day.

The creators of Lifted Elephant Group (L.E.G.) are extremely optimistic that their project will be fully embraced by the cannabis community as well as discerning NFT enthusiasts and collectors. At the heart of the initiative is a long list of perks, milestones, and exclusive rewards that will automatically come with minting the renowned tokens.

Each L.E.G. token features carefully hand-crafted traits and accessories that are entirely unique from each token in the collection. The tokens themselves will also act as a membership card to L.E.G. Entertainment’s exclusive cannabis festivals annually hosted on 4/20. Founded by Todd Moeller, the Lifted Elephant Group boasts an astounding portfolio of accomplishments that stemmed from his well-respected marketing firm, Moeller Marketing.

Joining Moeller is co-founder of the Lifted Elephant Group, Shari Levithan. The founders are highly anticipating cannabis users and NFT collectors to join the NFT’s pre-sale on April 6. An access pass to their annual cannabis festival isn’t the only benefit that holders will receive, as there are a wide variety of perks and rewards that are currently being planned down the line.

The creative developers of L.E.G are fully devoted to adhering to the roadmap that boasts future phases involving more festivals, airdrop events, a cannabis cultivation game, its own cryptocurrency, and many more.

The NFT isn’t just all about entertainment and the cannabis industry. The Lifted Elephant Group NFT is also an opportunity for individuals to truly make a difference and contribute to the welfare of elephants through their charitable efforts. Ten percent of the festival proceeds will go to elephant sanctuaries in Asia and Africa. In doing so, the founders of Lifted Elephant Group aimed to direct attention to the plight and welfare of these lovable giants.

There is so much hype surrounding the Lifted Elephant Group NFT. Many discerning NFT enthusiasts who are knowledgeable on the technology are already waiting in feverish anticipation for the esteemed cannabis-themed project. Not only will the community benefit from this endeavor, but the lives of countless elephants will also be saved due to the efforts of the NFT’s driven community.

More information on the project can be found through their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook profiles, website, and Discord server.

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