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Lazy 8ight Yacht Club’s Take on Innovation and Community-Focused Utilities

Throughout the past years, the continuous appeal of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has emphasized the potential value they can offer to investors. As they continue to gain notoriety, several projects are striving to invent brand new solutions to break out of the conventional and stand out among the sea of competitors. Among these is the Lazy 8ight Yacht Club (LY8C), an innovative NFT project that is poised to stake its claim in the market by leveraging the potential of its community to help create more value and utility in an ever-growing industry. Utilizing the power of NFTs, this emerging powerhouse redefines the digital space by establishing connections and collaborations set to bring individuals together and unite towards a common goal.

The Lazy 8ight Yacht Club consists of 8,888 unique and completely traversable 90-meter yachts designed and ready to take over the metaverse. The project is keen on making its name synonymous with high-end marine craftsmanship and ocean conservatory philanthropy. Furthermore, it focuses on building a legacy that holders will be proud to participate in. The NFTs are designed to incorporate proposals and contributions from the community, allowing holders to actively decide the collection’s development.

As the co-founders—Arin Alesauskas, CEO; Gunnar Dunbar, COO; and Oriana Schneps, CMO—said, “Through real-world community events, networking events, exclusive celebrations, and week-long getaways, we will bolster the Lazy 8ight Yacht Club community and NFT community as a whole. We invite you to join us as we take on this new frontier of digital marine exploration.”

The project features a collection of unique, realistic, and seamless NFTs painstakingly designed and curated by some of the world’s most talented digital artists. Unlike most art, the yacht NFTs are incredibly complex and traversable. This means that the holders can explore every inch of the yacht, including the casinos, gyms, spas, movie rooms and more in their metaverse. 

“Our team is committed to making waves in the NFT space by bringing our community the highest quality 3D NFTs, incredible incentives, exclusive networking events, and the adventure of a lifetime,” the creators behind this groundbreaking project shared. “We are committed to making your investment as profitable as possible and to be the premier yachting community in the metaverse. Our team works tirelessly to bring integrity, quality, and execution into the forefront of our project.”

But more than just introducing something innovative in the digital space, the Lazy 8ight Yacht Club aspires to have a positive and significant impact on the real world. The community-driven project is donating 5% of the project’s proceeds to an ocean-friendly non-profit organization aligned with the project’s values. Meanwhile, 10% of the royalties from secondary sales will be distributed to the community members via ETH/NFT airdrops, community events, and complimentary merchandise.

Lazy 8ight Yacht Club has already set aside early access passes for the active members of the community. Holders of the spot will be allowed to mint up to 3 NFTs during the designated presale. In addition, the holders of the first 20 yachts minted during this presale will receive tickets to an all-inclusive yacht party in Miami on the day of public mint to celebrate. 

Slowing no signs of slowing down soon, Lazy 8ight Yacht Club is religiously adhering to a roadmap that includes future developments that will propel the project to become a prominent name in the industry.

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