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Lara Melanie Saget

Biography: Lara Melanie Saget (born April 23, 1990) is the daughter of Bob Saget and actress Lori Loughlin.

As of February 2007, Lara is a student at Crossroads School in Santa Monica, California. According to reports, she was born in Los Angeles, California, on April 23, 1990. She has an older sister named Lauren and a younger brother named William (nicknamed “Bubba”).

Lara Melanie Saget attended New Century School, the same school her mother graduated from. In an interview, she said of the school: “I did well there, but it was different than what I’m used to now.” I had a lot of friends and close relationships with a lot of people.” She said, “Though they’re very nice, my mom and dad didn’t go there with me, so it was kind of weird. But I think it’s really fun, and I’m glad we decided to stay here.

Lara Melanie Saget Family

Lara is the daughter of actor Bob Saget and actress Lori Loughlin. Her parents met in Canada while shooting the movie “Once Bitten” in 1985, and Lara was born a year later. The couple divorced in 1991 but remained good friends. Her stepfather is real estate developer Rick Salomon, with whom her mother lives from 1994 to 1999 before they separated. In 2003, her father remarried long-time friend Jessica Connor.

Lara’s maternal grandparents are Eileen and John Loughlin. Her uncle, John Patrick Loughlin, is a producer who has worked on several of her father’s shows, including “Full House” and “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” Her cousin is actress Jennifer Grey. Lara also has three younger half-siblings from her mother’s third marriage to businessman Gary DePersia: a sister named Isabella and two brothers named Jack and Sean.


Lara Melanie Saget had a short-lived marriage to popular director/writer/editor Chris Pitzer in 2007. 

Chris shared this on his Facebook: “I have officially turned down every film offer I have received over the past few weeks. I am not moving to Madrid, France, or any other European country to pursue a career as a director. After two years of dating and knowing each other for 13 months, realizing that this relationship would not work out has hit me hard.

Lara Melanie Saget Death Cause

Lara was found in her apartment on March 6, 2007. After friends and relatives had unable to reach her for two days. She was pronounce dead by paramedics shortly after that. On March 8, 2007, police says that they were looking into the possibility of an accidental overdose.

“We have no reason to suspect foul play,” said Los Angeles Police Commander Andrew Smith at a news conference. “There’s nothing suspicious in nature about it. As you can see, it’s a very tragic set of circumstances.”

The coroner performed Lara’s autopsy at an undisclosed Los Angeles hospital on March 10. The results were release on March 11, 2007. The official cause of death was determine to be “acute mixe drug intoxication,” which means that she was taking three or more different kinds of medication at the time of her death. The autopsy report also revealed that she had been taking prescription medication for asthma, depression, and other ailments.

Parties at which alcohol was consumed have not been ruled out as a possible cause of the overdose. When asked about the possibility of alcohol being involved in her death, Chief Coroner Michael P. Weedin said, “I hope people don’t jump to those conclusions.”

The official cause of death was accidentally mixed drug intoxication: benzodiazepines (midazolam) and multiple drugs (morphine and chlorpromazine).

She was buried on March 23, 2007. In an interview with People, her father said: “She was a terrific girl, and we loved her very much. We don’t understand it.”


Thousands of people paid their condolences to Lara through the website as well as several other websites. Tributes also appeared in People magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and Entertainment Tonight.

The Saget family requested donations to the Lymphoma Research Foundation in Lara’s memory.

DIRECTOR: Ryan Avery, a director of numerous television commercials, was chosen by the Saget family to make the public tribute video shown at her funeral service.

Special effects: The hospital scenes in Scrubs’s episode “That Hurts Me” were dedicated to Lara.

BOB SAGET: Bob Saget received a Twitter message from Lara’s mother regarding her daughter. He posted the following message on his Twitter account on April 30, 2007: “All you can say is, ‘Oh my God! I’m so sorry!’ What more can you say?”

 : In an interview on The View, Lara’s father said that his daughter was a “great kid,” adding that she had “a boyfriend for a while” and was “not promiscuous.”

Lara’s Twitter account

After the news of Lara’s death broke, many people viewed her Twitter account, where she had over 400 friends. Her last tweet was posted on March 3, 2007: “I’m so happy because this girl is finally talking to me.

I’m going to meet her.” In the segment on The View, Lara’s father said that messages from people in Israel, Guam, and Syria were posted on her Twitter account.

In her last tweet, she wrote: “I came back from my classes, and I saw that I got a new Hotmail. And I looked at it, and it had a forwarded message. “So obviously, I thought it was spam.”

“And then I opened it. It was the baby’s first photo-booth picture,” he continued. “And that was me. It was an awful photo of my daughter in a hospital bed.”

Lara’s father said that the last time he spoke to her was April 2, 2007. “I spoke to her on the phone, and she knew I had reported it,” he said.” She said, ‘I love you, dad. I will see you soon.


On March 3, 2007, Lara posted the following message on her Twitter page: “I’m so happy because this girl is finally talking to me. I’m going to meet her.”

The next day, Lara missed a class, leaving a voice message in her mailbox at the University of Arizona. Friends who went to check on her when she didn’t show up for a class called 911 when they found Lara dead in her apartment.

Neighbors said they heard a man in his mid-twenties and a woman, who they thought was Lara, arguing loudly in the hallway of her apartment building the night before she died.

Eileen Loughlin was supposedly misled into believing that her daughter had been permitted to miss a final exam after telling the professor that she would be gone for three days. Lara told the professor that she would be out of town with her boyfriend.

Conclusion: Lara took a bunch of medication when she was found dead may indicate that her death was accidental. However, no one knows for sure what happened to her. She will always be remembered as the “Girl from UA” or the “Girls from UA.”

Lara Saget was a character on Scrubs (2001).

Lara Saget’s death marked the second major character on Scrubs to die in 2007, following Dr. Perry Cox.

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