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Klepto Bears: The NFT Line That Keeps Imagination Alive

With how the world situation is recently, a lot of people look back on the simpler times, where imagination and adventure have free reign. But that is quite far from the realities of today. And now, NFTs are the hottest new thing to invest in, and there is an abundance of collectible tokens created to suit different tastes. Amber Marie has created a line of NFTs called the Klepto Bears, and her collection provides that perfect sprinkle of nostalgia in the modern online world.

Amber Marie is an artist, first and foremost, before becoming a creator of NFTs. Visual arts called out to her from a young age, and she spent her early days drawing anything she could, whether they be objects around her house or memories from her dreams. Amber excelled in art throughout school and loved it enough to pursue an arts degree. But in college, she found the curriculum to be too restricting. So, she decided to leave college to find her artistic voice and hone her craft, and she ventured to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas helped Amber Marie thrive artistically. She found a calling in body art and became one of the most sought-after body paint and makeup artists in the area. She has worked with several photographers and has become known for her unique combination of bold colors and delicate lines. 

After being forced to branch out and explore other art forms due to the global pandemic, Amber Marie found herself in the Graffiti Mansion. There she met top graffiti artists Arman Izadi and Danny Lorden. They brought Amber into their team and taught her the art of spray paint and graffiti. Under their tutelage, Amber developed more art skills to add to her repertoire.

This period of artistic exploration and experimentation led Amber Marie to digital art. And because the Graffiti House team has always supported artists, they supported Amber when she decided to create NFTs. Thus, the Kleptoverse was born, starring the colorful and mischievous Klepto Bears. Designed to look like Amber’s childhood teddy bear, the Klepto Bears have come to symbolize childhood and imagination.

The Klepto Bears come in 10,000 different forms and disguises, and each bear has a story to tell. More than just a bear, each art piece also comes with references to the books, movies, television shows every kid back then knew and loved. These additional elements tell people the bear’s personality, what adventures they have been on in the past, and what they have collected over the years. 

Sleek and stylized, the Klepto Bears will cater to the inner child, bursting with memories, cultural references, and a simpler time. With a prize pool worth $100,000 for owners of bears to win for each 1,000th NFT that gets sold. All the prizes are embedded in vaults which are all open when the collection sells out. The prizes include items like iPhone 13 for Mint #1,000, iPadPro for Mint #2,000, LG TV for Mint #3,000, PlayStation 5 for Mint #4,000, Xbox X for Mint #5,000, Macbook Pro for Mint #6,000, Versace Robe for Mint #7,000, LV Backpack for Mint #8,000, Rolex for Mint #9,000 and Tesla for Mint #10,000. 

Klepto Bears was created to keep a sense of fantasy and adventure alive. Amber Marie crafted each bear with details that help shape its story. As she goes on a journey through the growth of her NFTs, Amber expresses the stories and fantasies from her imagination and shares them with the world. 

Amber Marie is set to release the first line of Klepto Bear NFTs in the coming days. For more updates on these bears and the Kleptoverse, you may visit this website.

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