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Learn the Subtle Art of Addressing Tough Topics with Kisha Hodges

Kisha Hodges: Learn the Subtle Art of Addressing Tough Topics
Photo Courtesy: Kisha Hodges

By: April Adams

In today’s world, every individual possesses an ideology. Ideology means the beliefs or principles an individual adheres to in life. However, some people are rigid, whereas others adapt to new concepts and continuously structure their ideology accordingly. However, to be able to express these without offending others is no less than an art and is not everyone’s specialty. 

This means we can have well-reasoned ideologies but sometimes lack the correct expression to argue and defend them. Though rare, some master the game of expression. Just like Kisha Hodges, a stand-up comedian, and author, is known for her subtle way of addressing serious issues through her comedy. 

In life, people go through specific tests and exams to pass from one class to another in education. Similarly, we must undergo life trials to refine our talents and capabilities. Hence, Kisha also had to overcome challenges to achieve mastery in life. She faced significant setbacks. 

Kisha was her mother’s firstborn child. A child’s birth is no more than a blessing for parents; it adds more joy to their lives. However, the situation was different than usual in Kisha’s case, as she was born out of marriage, and her father was already married to a family. This left Kisha and her mother miserable.

Other than that, the FBI was continuously chasing Kisha’s mother due to her troubled history with them. She was in constant chaos, often moving across the country to hide from the FBI. This made Kisha vulnerable to certain psychological troubles as well. She was later on diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). 

Kisha’s past haunted her for quite some time. Still, due to her experiences, she became aware of two things: first, there are particular challenges common to human beings, while there are some common to people belonging to a certain age, status, race, and color. 

Second, people get offended when their issues are discussed because they have lived them, and only they know how it feels to be in that position, which ultimately leaves them sensitive, self-protective, and insecure.

According to a report by the Pew Research Center, about two-thirds (65%) of Americans feel that people getting easily offended is a significant issue in the country. In contrast, others believe that people speaking offendable things is a bigger problem. But the crux of the issue is susceptibility. This means that some people lack sensitivity while others have access to it. 

For that reason, people who can address severe issues without affecting the sentiments of others are needed.

Kisha was already aware of the situation. She utilized her comedy skills to address the issues prevailing in the society. Initially, she earned some audience through everyday comedy. But later on, she started to discuss serious topics such as racism, discrimination, and gender inequality by adding humor. 

While talking about it, she said, “Comedy is the best medium for shining light on serious issues. Comedy is the game of timing; sometimes, I discuss something serious, full of depth and substance for a comparatively longer period. However, I know the accurate time to break the punchline so that my message and humor are delivered, leaving people informed and happy.

Kisha believes stand-up comedy shows are the best platforms for challenging stereotypes and taboos. A Rutgers Researcher Says that since comedy has social benefits, it can be utilized to converse about severe issues as it helps break down barriers and promotes dialogue through humor.

Despite that, it is crucial to understand that there is a delicate line between comedy and mocking. 

Therefore, people should always utilize their expression to challenge society’s evils and promote peace and betterment. At the same time, they should also understand the impact of their expressions and ensure that the outcomes are positive. This is similar to Kisha, who provides valuable insights and humor to her audience, making her influence beneficial and positive.


Published By: Aize Perez

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