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KFC Singapore Takes a Stand Against the Abuse Targeting Its Staff, Launches Social Media Campaign

A staff in KFC Singapore encouraging anti-abuse sentiments with "Let Kindness Fly" gesture

“The customer is always right,” is a motto that typically prioritizes the customers in many establishments, but it can also be used against them with malicious intentions. In Singapore, KFC has launched a new campaign that tackles the increasing abuse towards its staff by customers.

In a social media campaign called “Let Kindness Fly,” KFC customers can use a series of Instagram stickers to show their support and stand in solidarity with the serving staff. The campaign emerged following a series of verbal and physical abuse targeted at front-of-house staff at KFC. The occurrence has become common, according to the company.

An example that comes to mind includes an incident in the Bedok Town Square branch, where customers threw food at the working staff.

“We are thankful for our employees who have been working tirelessly while often bearing the brunt of customers’ frustration,” said KFC Singapore director of operations Jonathan Liew. “Their safety and well-being remain our utmost priority, and we would like to urge the public to further extend their understanding to our employees who are trying their best to serve you.”

The movement encourages KFC customers to popularize the physical gesture of holding hands up to resemble wings and adding the hashtag #LetKindnessFly on social media to show their solidarity with the employees.

Beyond social media, KFC Singapore has also gained the support of the Restaurant Association of Singapore (RAS) and the Food Drinks and Allied Workers Union (FDAWU). A spokesperson for the RAS said: 

“RAS supports the movement to promote kindness and respect toward service staff in the food industry as no one should have to work under the fear of hostility and abuse. We have a duty to care for and protect our front-line workers, and to ensure that they are treated with respect. As members of a better society, we should work toward protecting the safety and mental welfare of our service workers.

General secretary of the FDAWU also chimed in, saying, “Every act of kindness to our members is appreciated. Do not kill the passion to serve.”

KFC Singapore general manager Lynette Lee said she hoped the campaign would produce a social movement of support for the serving staff. “KFC is well-positioned to champion this movement to inspire consumers to be more gracious,” she said. “We hope to highlight the stark reality and spark a ripple effect by encouraging everyone to have a more appreciative attitude toward food service staff.”

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