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Josh King Madrid’s Releases Paper Boyz, a Animated GIF Collection of 3,650 NFTs

Technology has been an impetus for numerous developments and transformations in industries across the globe. With the emergence of technological advancements and innovative endeavors, the digital space has never been more alive and thriving. One of the sectors that have received a significant impact from the digital revolution is the crypto world. Today, non-fungible tokens have taken over social media platforms, making headlines and proving they are here to stay. A major player in the NFT realm that has been gaining traction as of late is, a development firm that will be dropping its collection known as Paper Boyz. 

The Paper Boyz is set to release on July 1, 2022. Although the pre-mint community is extensive, there are only 3,650 NFTs available. The project is an innovative breakthrough born out of the collaboration between and Edgar Vehbiu, a world-renowned animation artist who has illustrated animations for popular mobile games, including Angry Birds and FIFA Mobile.

On a mission to take collectors and enthusiasts to greater heights, the Paper Boyz project grants lifetime access to everyone who joins its premium Discord community. In addition, it also goes the extra mile to help its members stay informed about the latest news and be alert to potential opportunities within the NFT space. The Discord channel gives individuals the chance to learn the ins and outs of the industry by granting them exclusive access to expert-led courses, software bots, whale alerts, recommendations, daily briefings on the marketplace, and many more.

Paper Boyz will be presenting a collection of OG hustlers, solopreneurs, and business executives who constantly feel left behind by the rest of their peers. It allows those who want to extract NFT alpha from the rest of the projects currently available on the market the chance to stand out and make their mark. Moreover, the project is also created for builders who want to out-innovate their competition and start looking for the best NFT project to invest in. 

In addition to facilitating success and enabling growth for its holders, the Paper Boyz NFT also serves as an animated art that evokes nostalgia, bringing back the glory of animation in the past. To further demonstrate the project’s creative prowess, the NFTs also come with a digital magazine art by called “Extra-Extra!” – a piece valued at 3 to 4 ETH and will be sold in the months or years to come.

Holders of Paper Boys NFT will get the opportunity to attend the much-awaited NFTMag Con 2022, which is an event hosted by as the world’s largest invite-only NFT conference to take place this October in Miami. The said event is expected to have over 4,000 attendees across the globe. With such a large crowd, NFTMag Con 2022 is set to topple other gatherings hosted around NFTs. 

NFTMag Con 2022 will be guested by over 40 speakers, including NFT founders, high-level entrepreneurs, marketers, investors, sales trainers, and some of the best motivational speakers on the scene. Although tickets for this conference are valued at $2,450, holders of the Paper Boyz NFT will get them for free.

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