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Josh E. Starr Rises Through the Ranks as Top Cryptocurrency Influencer

As the famous proverb goes, a person is only one decision away from a totally different life. For influencer Josh E. Starr, aka Kosher Khaled, the decision that completely changed his life for the better was getting into cryptocurrency investments.

Approximately four years ago, the young man had been sleeping and living on his friend’s couch. With only $247 to his name, he resolved to make a better life for himself and started working at a local funding company. In the first two weeks at his new job, he was able to earn $16,000. 

He left the job right after and contacted his cousin, who had both funding and business experience, to start their own company. Because of his innate leadership qualities, the budding business owner was able to handpick 15 of his closest and best friends whom he loved and adored and hired them to be salespeople. 

Eighteen months ago, prominent crypto investors piqued his interest. Since then, he started doing some research about them and digital currencies in general. Not long after, his prolific career with crypto investments began. He hit the ground running when he invested with his very first cryptocurrency, which is Ethereum. In just a short period, he has learned a great deal about the art and trade of cryptocurrency. Now, a large part of his investment portfolio consists of digital currencies. 

Josh E. Starr’s newfound passion for investing in cryptocurrency and genuine desire to help the average consumer learn more about it and all of the latest technologies in the space have led him to become an established and sought-after crypto influencer. Currently, his personal Instagram page has more than 120,000 followers. Through the platform, he aims to give the average person a genuine chance to build their wealth the same way he did his.

What makes him stand out from the rest of the competition is his charisma and propensity to be relatable. By sharing his expertise and story, he hopes to encourage other individuals to find their own path with cryptocurrency. The influencer clarifies that he does not offer any sort of financial advice. Instead, he aims to educate and explain how others can become successful investors in cryptocurrency. In effect, it empowers these people to conduct research and make decisions on their own.

His immense success in the world of cryptocurrencies has allowed him to gain financial freedom. It has opened up multiple opportunities for the entrepreneur to venture into numerous business partnerships.

Undoubtedly, the young man has come a long way since his days of having next to nothing. His hard work, perseverance, and can-do attitude have been instrumental to his success.

Motivated and inspired by his impressive accomplishments, Josh E. Starr has big aspirations for the future. In a few years, he sees himself growing his influence in the field of digital currency even more and eventually becoming a thought leader. He plans on launching startups in the industry as well. Learn more about cryptocurrency investments and Josh Starr by visiting his Instagram.

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