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Jaime Manteiga of Taptok Teams Up with Zenpho’s Janse Lazo in a Revolutionary Business Innovation

As the world faces rapid technological advancements ranging from automation to artificially intelligent robots, more and more endeavors toward faster transactions while leaving little to no carbon footprints are emerging. At the forefront of this mission is the strategic collaboration between rising entrepreneurs Jaime Manteiga and Janse Lazo. The iconic duo seeks to revolutionize the business industry through TapTok by disrupting the archaic concept of paper business cards, leading the world to a more modern and revolutionary approach that requires only a single tap of a finger to share information. 

TapTok is a company on a mission to revolutionize the traditional way of networking by eliminating the need for paper business cards and replacing them with a modern alternative that is much easier and more convenient to use. Unlike paper business cards, which have to be printed countless times, this modern alternative requires its users to have only one TapTok card or TapTok dots for all of their information-sharing purposes.

Behind the modern innovative take on business cards is the partnership between two business visionaries: Jaime Manteiga and Janse Lazo. Jaime Manteiga is a Cuban-American entrepreneur recognized by Tesla, Shopify, Spotify, and other platforms as a top information security researcher. He is an active member of the International Forbes Technology Council and the Young Entrepreneurs Council. He is also a multi-benefit marathon runner and the founder of Venkon Corp, a prestigious cybersecurity firm, and the business card killer company TapTok. 

Alongside Jaime is Janse Lazo, a multi-award-winning Cuban entrepreneur who holds a computer science degree and a master’s degree in business administration. He sits as the CEO of Miami-based marketing agency Zenpho. Today, TapTok is proud to have him as a strategic partner and the company’s chief marketing officer.

The exceptional partnership of Jaime Manteiga and Janse Lazo resulted in not only a unique innovation in the business industry but also a revolutionary approach that serves the pandemic restrictions well. As the world continues to observe social distancing and limit physical interactions, the touchless sharing of business and contact information spearheaded by TapTok is, indeed, the way to go. 

Through TapTok, Jaime Manteiga and Janse Lazo proudly provide the world with cards made from premium and more eco-friendly materials. However, unlike the archaic concept of paper business cards, TapTok cards need not be handed over to the prospects as one tap of a finger completes the sharing of the contact information to any NFC-enabled device. These cards have reliable protective measures against being lost or stolen, a lifetime warranty, automatic lead generation, and unlimited taps and shares of the contact information, among other features. On top of this, the company offers TapTok dots, which can be affixed on surfaces, such as smartphones, while functioning the same way as TapTok cards. 

Without a doubt, the revolutionary approach taken by partners Jaime Manteiga and Janse Lazo immediately won the hearts of many in the business industry. Within only a few months since its launch, TapTok already reached six figures in revenue. For Jaime and Janse, the success of TapTok is not the end; rather, it is only the beginning of more revolutionary endeavors in the business world.

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