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Hungry Hippos Establishes Itself as a Purpose-Driven Project in the NFT Scene

The crypto trend has inspired developers and creators to launch projects that aim not only to give value but also to promote other advocacies. As a matter of fact, some of today’s most successful NFT ventures are recognized not for the benefits and perks they offer but for the incredible art styles that they showcase and the causes that they fight for. One of the projects that have been creating significant waves in the industry is Hungry Hippos, a collection of 7,777 unique and custom digital tokens roaming around in the wild. With its purpose-driven efforts, this emerging NFT community is sure to keep investors and enthusiasts up on their toes. 

Hungry Hippos is founded by Ross and Nell, two visionaries whose primary goal is to make a positive difference. While Ross is tasked to handle the marketing side of the operations, Nell is responsible for overseeing the artistic side of the NFT, being a professional artist, animator, and graphic designer by profession. They are joined by Sean as a community specialist and Wanqi, who is in charge of Hippo development and tech. 

In an effort to contribute to society, the Hungry Hippos project sends messages of hope, inspiration, and kindness. Aside from coming up with another batch of non-fungible tokens taking over the blockchain, the current NFT collection aims to bring together a group of hungry and motivated professionals to help each other grow their net worth, businesses, and way of life as a whole. Because of this deep-rooted vision, it has established itself as a facilitator of success for go-getters around the world. 

In fact, twenty percent of Hungry Hippos’ sales will be placed in what is known as the HIPPOOL, which will take charge of releasing donations to Saving the Hippos, identifying financial opportunities, establishing partnerships, creating events, and coming up with giveaways. 

Hungry Hippos is a community-driven project whose mission is to bring hungry and motivated individuals together to establish a community through networking and strategic business relationships. Joining the herd gives you access to a rewarding networking system designed to educate, teach and help elevate the holders in some high-value sectors and create financial freedom through real estate, investing, networking, and various opportunities,” the creators shared.

According to some of the developers from Hungry Hippos, a total of 7,777 tokens will be available for minting. Characters will be randomly generated during minting, and lucky holders get the opportunity to generate a 1 of 1 character. Tokens belonging to the Originals Club were recently sold for 0.08 ETH, and all 150 tokens of the 7,777 got sold out. Mint dates have been declared with presale on June 23rd and public sale to follow on June 26th. Whitelisting for presale is now opened. See their Discord more information

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