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How To Be Inclusive to New Crypto Investors

What role will cryptocurrency play in the future of finance? Some believe its promise to decentralize money will revolutionize not just finance, but ownership in general. In fact, cryptocurrency has been called “the future of humanity.” With that in mind, it seems unfortunate that the majority of humanity still has no idea what crypto is or how it works.

For those who are still on the outside looking in at crypto, help is on the way. A growing number of companies are on a mission to provide potential investors with easy access to the world of cryptocurrency. By addressing the most common industry obstacles, these new platforms are committed to educating and inspiring the next wave of crypto investors.

Opening the doors to a new wave of users

“Although DeFI is meant to be a cheaper, more efficient, and more accessible alternative to traditional finance, the major players in the space are web-based and don’t cater to the everyday retail investor,” explains Adam Carlton, CEO and Founder of Pink Panda Holdings, Inc. “Transactions are slow and expensive. The experience is unfriendly for new or retail-focused customers. There are lackluster trading capabilities and lack of dedicated, easy-to-use mobile apps for trading. That means a lot of potential investors either struggle through incredible difficulties or simply sit out.”

Pink Panda is a comprehensive crypto ecosystem that includes its own crypto token, a digital wallet, token swap capabilities, and a decentralized finance access in an engaging, elegantly designed mobile app on the Binance Smart Chain.

Carlton is not the first to point out the various problems associated with the crypto experience. For years critics have warned crypto developers that failure to give investors a reliable and understandable interface will keep the technology from mainstream adoption. While some crypto companies continue to ignore the user interface, others, like Pink Panda, have made it a top priority.

“We work with highly experienced designers to deliver a user experience that is both intuitive and fun,” says Carlton. “By creating a painfully polished and elegant interface, we aim to onboard crypto newbies to DeFi and provide them with higher yields and progress towards financial freedom.”

The Pink Panda wallet app is currently in a closed beta phase for testing and preparation for its next release.

Offering users a mission-focused token

Integrating philanthropic proceeds into the utility of crypto tokens is another initiative aimed at welcoming more users to the world of crypto. While the majority of crypto activity to date involves speculative trading, companies like Pink Panda believe that by connecting cryptocurrencies to charitable giving they can broaden their appeal and grow the base of investors.

“Our token is cryptocurrency with a cause,” explains Carlton. “From day one, we have reserved a portion of the token supply to fund indefinite regular donations.”

The PinkPanda app takes the company’s charitable giving to the next level by allowing users to vote on the charities that they would like to see benefit from PinkPanda’s philanthropy.

“Our goal is for the community to decide which causes matter most to them,” says Carlton. “We have already donated to the American Cancer Society and the GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer. We are hoping to donate a minimum of $100,000 by the end of 2022.”

Many of the companies involved in the world of cryptocurrency believe that DeFi has the power to fuel a financial revolution. Carlton believes it also has the power to fuel a social revolution and he is making a way for a new wave of users to get on board and cast their vote. 

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