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How Navahcia Edwards Overcame Her Past and Found Success

Navahcia Edwards struggled a lot to overcome her past. After being incarcerated for conspiracy to commit bank robbery and embezzlement in 2011, she thought her life would be over. For her, there’s no coming back to a normal life for what had happened. But fast forward to today, her second chance became her journey for redemption to prove others wrong and prove to herself there’s more to her than her past.

No one is perfect, and yet people look down on others who went on a different path. However, one thing about Navahcia is she’s not ashamed of her past. Instead, she continues to stand strong with her head held high, knowing this is how she built her strength and resilience. Although it has continued to bring her down, she took a step forward and built a new life ahead of her. Now, she’s a public figure, prison consultant, bestselling author, director of her own life, and successful businesswoman. Ultimately, someone to look up to for anyone who already lost hope for a second chance.

Besides her struggle to fight the misconception of someone who was incarcerated in the past, Navahcia also had a rough life growing up. At 16 years old, she lived on the streets after running away from the home she was placed in. She fought to live and survive, even had to go through difficult situations to live through the day. An experience she wouldn’t forget is how she was made to make a video of herself for a certain private collection but was lied to and found herself all over the internet. Only reaching legal age at the time, she couldn’t do anything. This scarred her for life and for so long has been a part of her she was so ashamed of.

“I Google my name from time to time to see the comments and made up stories about me,” Navahcia shares. “It’s crazy the things people say behind a keyboard, but it doesn’t bother me today because I know who I am as a person,” she affirms. As a response, she has written three books so far and is about to release an upcoming book that reveals all about her story. 

Her story of survival gave her the courage to own her voice and share her story with others. Her books are mostly written towards women who have been incarcerated, foster kids, and those who seem to have lost hope from falling from grace. 

“I want people to know that no matter what walk in life you come from, you can still make it,” says Navahcia. “Obstacles are put in your way to make you work harder, so you remember where you are now in life and how it did not come easy.” Indeed, her story of survival and courage will no longer remember her for once being committing something she regretted. Instead, she carved a path of her own to become an example that you can overcome anything just as she did.

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