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How Innovative NFT Marketplace SPUME Plans to Disrupt the Industry

Blockchain technology is arguably the most significant invention of the digital world. After all, it has paved the way for the rise of the crypto industry and NFTs, both of which have changed the way people perceive and conduct businesses. This time, however, one highly innovative marketplace has entered the space with the goal to disrupt the industry: SPUME.

Currently, the most successful NFT marketplaces operate under a centralized platform and even have censorship over the listing and trading of non-fungible tokens. However, this setup is not consistent with the primary purpose of why blockchains are created in the first place. As such, SPUME aims to change things by creating the first truly decentralized and autonomous NFT community, marketplace, and token.

As the groundbreaking venture perfectly explained, “[It’s] a place where stakeholders have a say in how it is operated and can decide to enact change when they see fit. That is what we are building—a decentralized marketplace where exchanges take place, where transaction fees are redistributed to the stakeholders equally and equitably, and where the user base has the power to decide when and how changes take place. This is SPUME.”

As a testament to its goal of creating a holder-owned NFT platform, the revenue generated from the marketplace’s transaction fees will be shared among SPUME token holders. On top of that, the decisions involving significant updates to the marketplace and additional utilities will be decided on by SPUME holders via voting. Through this framework, power from one centralized source is effectively removed and returned to the platform’s actual users.

Aside from that, the enterprise has created profiles on various social media sites such as Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. It also has Discord and Telegram accounts which provide an avenue for communication between SPUME’s core team and its holders as well as other individuals who wish to become part of the growing community.

The venture’s token is an ERC20 token with a total supply of 100 million and 18 decimal places. It implements Open Zeppelin’s standard ERC20 token, which also includes their Snapshot class. Moreover, SPUME employed the help of industry and blockchain experts to create a brilliant tokenomics which remains faithful to its mission of focusing on the community. 

In addition to its well-thought-out execution plan and impressive tokenomics, the venture also has excellent features and functionalities, including buying, selling, and auctioning NFTs. Those who wish to create and mint their own collections can also do so on the platform.

At present, SPUME is conducting a private sale which accounts for 15% of the total token supply. Furthermore, its team of experts is continuously developing the platform as guided by its roadmap and protocols.

As it moves forward, SPUME remains steadfast in its purpose and mission. As its creators have insightfully expressed, “The goal of Spume is to return the power back to the holders, fairly reward community members, and create an all-encompassing platform for users to buy, sell, trade, and create non-fungible tokens on multiple blockchains.”

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