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How Ashley Henderson Helps People Feel More Confident

Ashley Henderson is an entrepreneur who manages and owns several businesses from different industries. Ashley knew very well that being confined to a schedule or a 9 to 5 job would not suit her lifestyle, so she worked hard to run her businesses successfully. Ashley’s growing companies include Bella Sorella Body Image Spa, a broadcast and multimedia company, the rental car company and short-term rentals. Her entrepreneurial journey began in 2009 when she started as a model. 

Ashley felt too shy to actively pursue her career at the time until 2018 when a celebrity photographer contacted her after looking to expand his portfolio. She was very eager and driven to pursue modeling again despite being extremely shy. Time around, Ashley saw modeling as an avenue to help overcome her shyness. As she gradually learns to overcome her shyness, Ashley decides to attend school to acquire a license for esthetician and eventually open a spa. Ashley knew starting a spa would have tons of obstacles, but since she’s a driver person and a hard worker, she was ready to take on the task. 

Her business opened right before the pandemic, and throughout this time, she has been able to manage her business well and take care of her clientele. Social media has been a tremendous resource and tool throughout the life of Bella Sorella. Ashley believes that being able to sustain a business in its early stages when established businesses went through turmoil is a testament to the work she has put in since the beginning. She was able to grow and sustain Bella Sorella while pursuing her career in modeling and managing multiple businesses while being a mother to her children. “As a young black woman entrepreneur, I had to overcome a lot to be at this point, and my business is only growing from here,” expresses the gritty businesswoman. 

Ashley looks forward to making her services available to more women aspiring entrepreneurs and mothers interested in feeling good about themselves. She hopes to attract multiple audiences due to her businesses in different sectors and her background. If someone has a deep interest in entrepreneurship, they could look into her journey as an entrepreneur. “I can be an inspiration to mothers looking to pursue their careers. I can share my knowledge from being a licensed esthetician with anyone looking for tips, tricks or just general interest”, shares the hard-working entrepreneur. She hopes to share her service, insights and knowledge with anyone interested in learning from a woman who’s worked hard to get where she is.

Bella Sorella has a wide array of services, and Ashley’s products and services are different from the competition because she offers a one-on-one experience. Most spas or estheticians will focus on just one particular part of the body, whereas they cover the entire body virtually. She has been in spas where it’s heavily geared towards women, and there might not be services available for men. That is why they also offer services for men, such as beard treatments. They are working towards an inclusive environment. They want their clients to feel welcome despite their gender. Bella Sorella is a place where anyone can come to feel better about themselves. 

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